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A longtime business growth strategist and adviser, Dan Kuschell offers people dedicated resources for achieving strategic breakthroughs and maximizing profits through transformational business concepts. He provides clarity, capabilities, and direction with a host of resources and programs. He has also been a host of a radio show on NBC geared to help transform viewers life, business, career, and relationships. Dan's core focus is on breaking complex concepts into simplified components that integrate ideas, execution, and culture for maximum performance. Dan Kuschell challenges entrepreneurs to build a business focusing on a high quality client experience all the way through the process including the pre-buying phase, the buying phase, and the post-buying phase.

"Most people don't like to be sold, however they love to buy, especially when it's a great experience. In fact, if you create the right experience in each phase, you'll transform your business because you'll get more referrals for the long term. It's time for companies to move away from selling models and focus on creating a buyers model combined with a great experience. Starbucks has done this well. Apple has done this well. You don't feel like you've been sold. You enjoy the experience and it leads to sustainable growth, repeat business, referrals and positive reviews."

Mr. Kuschell employs what he teaches on a daily basis. He has spearheaded numerous successful companies beginning in 1992. He has a major impact all around the globe sharing his philosophies of A Champion Vision, Prosperity Based Living, and also being an author with Walking with the Wise, Bootstrap Business, The Worst Case Scenario Business Survival Guide and A Champion in the Making: Awaken the Champion within your Life, Business, and Relationships to name a few. Mr. Kuschell has been active with a number of charitable organizations and has led fundraising for nonprofits such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of the East Valley.

Work experience

Work experience
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