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I look forward to contributing to many years of a company's profitable growth, and to be a member of a team that is truly customer-oriented.  I am a persuader, and am drawn to communicating a prodcut/service value proposition, regardless of industry.


With 15+ years of award-winning experience – including #1 in Channel Sales at a Fortune 50 market leader – I have a strong record of achieving incredible results in selling a wide range of B2B products and services through distinct channels in local and national markets. As a Six Sigma Green Belt, I am uniquely qualified to bring industry best practices in sales to your organization, while greatly leveraging time and resources. Relationship development with my customer base defines my account management style, and has been the cornerstone to my success.

Most importantly, I developed and followed through on a sales formula that really works, resulting in over $55.6M in sales in the last 5 years alone. Let’s have a conversation about how this formula can make an immensely positive impact on your bottom line.

  • Systematic Approach to Sales with Impressive Results
  • Impeccable Work Ethic with the Highest Ethical Standards
  • Extraordinary Relationship Building
  • Strong Business Acumen


Key Skills
High initiative with a strong focus × Thrives in challenging environments × Communicates effectively with people at all levels × Constant learner × Able to adapt and contribute quickly to a variety of organizations × Expert at generating revenue growth by promoting new ideas, new approaches and winning people’s confidence through genuine relationship building.


Paul Porter

“Dan is a true profesional sales person with an acute ability to relate and build lasting relationships with clients. Having worked with Dan for over 15 years at Ford Motor Company, in both sales and managment positions, I have always found Dan to be reliable, honest and very knowledgable. While Dan was the western National Sales Manager for Rotunda he increased sales over 25% in the first year in a tough market. Dan would be a asset to any organazation.”

Tom Moorman

“Dan is dedicated and extremely goal driven. He's able to focus on short term projects while not forgetting the long term objectives of the group. He's able to handle intense pressure with professionalism. Dan would be a great addition to any company wanting to increase customer satisfaction or increase revenue.”

Tom Russell

“Dan is self-motivated, requiring little or no supervision or direction to achieve the assigned goals. Dan's ability to analyze a situation and quickly determine creative, appropriate actions which enabled him to handle the largest, most difficult and demanding dealerships in our Region. Dan was the "best" Market Manager I ever had the privilege to supervise. Dan is also a "people" person, enabling him to develop the trust and confidence of everyone with whom he interacts. Dan is a leader. Other less capable or experienced Market Managers would seek out Dan for advise and direction, which Dan willingly provided. His leadership skills served Dan well in future assignments within Ford Motor Company. Dan is a compassionate volunteer, offering his talents to many outside organizations, where his leadership and results-oriented skills were also demonstated in the success of charitable organizations.”

Work experience


Fleet Zone Manager

Ford Motor Company
  • #1 nationally in Channel Sales for a Fortune 50 market leader.
  • Increased sales by 300% in certain segments.
  • Strong record of achieving results in selling a wide range of B2B products and services through distinct channels in local and national markets.
  • Responsible for sales and account service to billion-dollar customer, the largest vehicle purchaser worldwide, and able to maintain personal service by working evenings and weekends supporting six time zones.
  • Saw the average 20 contacts with clients per day to be 20 opportunities to exceed customer expectations.
  • Personal spending authority in the millions, but was able to keep spending at a fraction of division average - even cutting amount 50% last year, while at the same time catapulting sales to #3 nationally - due to the personal relationships with client.
  • Active involvement in client processes saved past employer a documented $400K+ annually.

National Sales Manager, West, Rotunda

Ford Motor Company
  • Increased sales 16-20% annually during some of the worst years in the industry's history.
  • Co-launched a sales event that brought in $16.9M in one weekend.
  • With IT department, developed a sales tracking system from the ground up.
  • Easily migrated from one position to another with completely different functions as career progressed.

Technical Support Operations Manager

Ford Motor Company
  • As a Six Sigma Green Belt, I doubled the number of students graduating from the primary school-to-work program, and sold 30% of the national total for another.
  • Led 18 direct reports.
  • Repeatedly led nation in key deliverable.

Regional Manager

Ford Dealer Computer Services, Inc.
  • Youngest ever at FDCS to be promoted to Regional Manager.
  • One year later, promoted to head the larger Kansas City Region.
  • Earlier, selected as Field Manager of the Year for Central Region, and was one of four chosen nationally to represent employer on six-month project to select next generation hardware platform.


Bachelors - Business Administration

Northwood University

Recruited for the Office of Admissions for two consecutive years.  Secretary of Sigma Phi Beta.