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Work History

Mar 2015Present

Software Engineer


I'm part of Marketplace team which is transforming RedMart from grocery into everything store. Our primary focus is expand product selection range. For the first 9 months of the project we went up to 205 stores and 12000+ marketplace products which combined with 10000. 

Tech stack is AngularJS, Scala, Java and NodeJS ( microservice architecture).

Apr 2013Feb 2015

Software Engineer

D square

In Dsquare I was working on two projects, namely HPS and M2IS.

Technological stack of HPS is AngularJS & D3.js on a frontend and Clojure on a backend. We use Apache Flex and Java for M2IS. Drivers to external software are written with .NET. MySQL and CouchDB are used as databases.

We do not follow the practice of division of developers on frontend and backend since spreading knowledge and possibility for everyone to work on any part of the application is a part of our corporate culture. I appreciate this approach since it allows me to improve my skills in various areas.

During last year I was focused on AngularJS and D3.js. It is of more interest for me to work on data visualisation and frontend application design.

Mar 2012Sep 2012

Software Engineer

Midnight Coders

We were working on spreadsheet for one of Hewlett Packard projects. The initial purpose was to improve existing legacy codebase, since customers were not satisfied with the present at that time speed of adding features. We succeed and achieved necessary level of stability and maintainability. Consequently, I developed my refactoring skills.

Additionally, I was committed to setting up effective collaboration environment for both development and QA teams.

Sep 2011Mar 2012

Software Engineer


I started working for Union Bank of Switzerland to explore software development in industrial scale. That is how I became familiar with Scrum and Continuous Delivery and grew into adherent of bug-free policy. Thus, I learned how to distinguish such concepts as unit, integration and performance tests.

Sep 2010Sep 2011

Software Engineer


I became engrossed in the world of Enterprise Software. We were working on the new version of Customer Intelligence Platform for Cisco which was a breakthrough on Adobe MAX 2009. Meanwhile, my passion to Apache Flex framework was increasing and I advanced my skills working with it.

Aug 2009Sep 2010

UX Engineer


When I started to work on the design and usability of several facebook applications I became inspired by frontend development. I fell in love with coding and it changed entirely the vision on my career path.


Aug 2007Jan 2011

Bachelor's Degree

Kharkiv National University (Ukraine)

Design of multimedia publications

Last conferences attended

Some of talks I made

2016 - Managing technical dept efficiently 

2015 - Development velocity 

2015 - Unit testing with AngularJS

2014 - Bye flex. Hey js!

2012 - Quick start with mobile P2P and Intellij IDEA

2011 - Second step for blackberry developer.

Some of trainings I took

Volunteer work

April 2015 - Present

IGov is a platform which aims to make it possible for Ukrainian citizens to receive administrative services on-line, instead of going to state agencies. The project is crucial for tackling corruption in governmental authorities which occurs mostly during in-person communication between citizens and public employees.

At the moment we started, there were no on-line services available in Ukraine. Now IGov gives access to 230 of such governmental services and we keep working on expanding this figure transferring 532 more administrative services on-line.


April 2014 - November 2014 
I set up a project which aims to collect funds for the people who suffer from current military conflict in Ukraine. Lalala is a company which produce and sell streetwear clothes and transfer all the income to the needs of displaced people in Ukraine.