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What makes Dan tick.

Since birth, Dan Waldschmidt has been refusing to accept business as usual.Sure, he had a paper route, but he turned his into a money-making machine (though he opted not to tell his mom about his increased profits).He ran track like plenty of other kids, but he pushed himself to break his high school’s mile record. He got the usual entry-level job right of college, but then he changed the sales process, earned millions of dollars for the company, and became CEO by the time he was 25.These days, Dan helps big companies all over the world get on the edge of the conversation.  He wants to inspire, scold, and lead executives to be the best "them" possible.So read hisblog, check out his resources, send him an email.

Whatever you, don’t just sit on the sidelines!”

What you need to know about Dan.

Dan Waldschmidt is a former technology CEO, one of the founders of IntroMojo, a popular inspirational speaker, and a sought-after strategist on creating edgy conversations in the marketplace.  He blogs regularly on his popular motivational selling blog Edge of Explosion and is the husband to a cute gal named Sara and the father to two energetic boys. He's just an ordinary dude who happens to have an outrageous vision.  And he wants to help you change the world...

Work experience


Editor / Writer / Founder

Edgy Conversations

The home of and the popular motivational high-performance sales newsletter Dan insanely pokes at the status quo and asks you to be a better person -- to change the world around you and grow your enterprise explosively in your spare time!

Oct 2008Present



Taking great technology products to market is Dan's specialty at GNOSO. From zany attempts at market share to nurturing entrepreneurs into revenue-generating "killer machines", Dan works with an emerging web technology portfolio to grow value for stakeholders by engineering amazing sales growth.


Partner / Director of International Business

The Waldschmidt Group

The Waldschmidt Group provides multi-national support in the areas of global trade, international mergers, and business process automation. Our private equity division invests largely in the specific space of enterprise software integration initiators.  In addition, a growing sector of our capital is greenlighted for petroleum based international business development throughout Africa.

Mar 2010Present


Waldschmidt | Arp

WARP helps companies break through the nonsense and get on the edge of the conversation.  The senior partners are considered leading experts in persuasion and selling strategy.  

Sep 2009Present



IntroMojo is a tool for sales people. IntroMojo decodes massive amounts of people patterns and answers specific selling questions that you need answers to.  This is then quickly served up in a profile showing clues about everything from what music you like, to what videos you have created recently, to your background.

It's FREE too.

Oct 2005Sep 2008


ACCESS Litigation Support Services

ACCESS presented market disrupting technology through their NatiVIEW Analytics software used by leading law firms and general counsels all over the world.  Dan was tasked to build out the company, the technology, and the market opportunity.  After a successful sale of the company in late 2008, he resigned as CEO to pursue other ventures...

A few different edgy examples.


Government & International Politics


Lori Moore

Daniel is nearly 17 years my junior, and I learn something valuable from him with each encounter. An exciting guy who isn't afraid to be real, while inspiring us all to keep pushing through the 'stuff' and keep the vision in front of us.

Bridgette Hayes

Daniel's enthusisam and positive energy is truly amazing! He is passionate about sales and techniques that really work. Daniel has a genuine interest in entrepreneurs and business owners. He uses the knowledge and experience he has to help others succeed. Daniel comes highly recommended...

Lowell Nerenberg

Daniel has extraordinary can-do energy and a unique ability to know what it takes to enroll people in his vision of what they need.  Since he operates outside the box and on the leading edge, he has the right to be edgy, and he sometimes is. If you are going after the big whales, then you're in Daniel's sweet spot.

William Taylor

Dan is primarily a very sharp business man, but he also has an eye for technology which can make the business more competitive or more profitable. He's one of the best at seeing ways to apply new ideas. The stockholders are lucky to have him

Mike Bannan

I have met no finer business mind. One capable of "on the fly instant analysis and decision" when encumbered by difficult situations. An intense decision maker that weighs the entire data set and instantly confirms the positive and negatives of a situation. A person that moves forward and instinctively drags others with him. I will go to battle with him at any time!

Tim Lee, CFP

Daniel is a pro. Quick to respond to requests, and always available for comments, calls and meetings. If you know Daniel, you know it feels like he works more than 24 hours a day; if you don't know him yet, you will find out that he doesn't stop. Whether you're a prospective client or prospective partner I recommend that you give him an opportunity to prove himself to you. 

Alex Scribner

It won't take you long to find out that Daniel is one smart fella. He is one of the hardest working guys out there. Daniel maybe quick with a joke but when it comes to getting the job done, the deal closed and the paperwork signed, he is all business and damned good at it. As is true with all those who posses strong business acumen, Daniel understands the importance of reputation and integrity.

Shamus Brown

Daniel Waldschmidt is unstoppable. I was Daniel's mentor early in his sales career and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch his meteoric rise from salesman to CEO in just a few short years. Daniel is a driven and loyal man who continues to achieve bigger and bigger things. Jump at the chance to work with him if he offers it to you.

Robert Childress III

Daniel is someone that always gets the job done. I feel he has truly helped me think out of the box. I have developed my career basically borrowing other professionals ideas and thoughts. I would consider Daniel someone that you should always bend his ear on ideas that you might have. He is always ahead of the curve.

Eric Dunlop

As a leader, Daniel is a brilliant innovative visionary; he is that rare combination of creative strategist and forward thinker while being intuitively smart about people within as well as outside his organization.

Mark Smith

Daniel Waldschmidt has the energy of two normal, hungry, motivated human beings. He gets things done. As outside counsel for the company where he is CEO, I have worked with Daniel on several matters over the years. He is creative and indefatigable as he pounces on problems and challenges the company faces. And one other thing: Daniel is a super-duper salesman. If he was a lawyer, I'd hire him to represent me.

Wendy Cohen

I love Daniels energy and enthusiasm. He is also one of the brightest and hardest working people i have come across in the industry. My company uses him all the time. He has excellent people skills and the clients love him...He is a consummate professional..