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To challenge myself everyday with new opportunities and knowledge, answering those challenges with diligent work and applying my skills, and to still leave enough time to experience life outside of work.


-Following Industry News for:

 Energy Sector, Space Sector, Mobile Business, Video Game Industry, Software Development Packages

-Generic Stock Market / Economic News and Analysis

-Android Application Development

-Discussing / satirizing politics

-Hokie Football

-Bengal Football


-Video Games



I finished my MBA in May 2009; a feat I accomplished while both taking a full class load and still working 20 hours a week at NASA Langley for Lockheed Martin.  I am now looking for new opportunities in fields such as logistics, operations, business intelligence, marketing, and product management.

In addition to professional work, I am engaged in the early stages of a personal business that involves developing Android applications for mobile devices.

I have spent approximately 10 years in software development. This has included the use of a wide range of programming languages and application functionality: from simple data conversion to full fledged 3d graphical applications.

I have learned to acquire new technological skills frequently, and have found myself adept in finding solutions for various problems by either developing from the ground up or applying tools / packages found elsewhere. 

Special Skills

Business Related:

  • MS Office (Excel Master!)
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Decision Tree Analysis
  • Holt's and Winter's Forecasting
  • Corporate Level Presentation Skills
  • SQL Server, MySQL
  • Lindo
  • Crystal Ball
  • SWOT, GE Matrix, Porter's Five Forces, etc...

Mobile Software:

  • Android Application Development

Programming Languages:

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • VB/VBA
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • Perl
  • Cocoa
  • Objective C

Operating Systems:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux (Red Hat derivative)
  • Android OS

Graphical Libraries:

  • OpenGL
  • Ogre3D

Art Tools:

  • Blender
  • GIMP
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • Flash




Work experience

Jan 2006Present

Scientific Systems Analyst

Lockheed Martin

I am assigned to the Air Traffic Operations Lab / Simulation (ATOL, ATOS) Project.  The project simulates air traffic scenarios involving tens or hundreds of modeled aircraft systems.  My current task is to evaluate the options for implementing ATOS software on alternative operating systems.  The task requires that operating systems Solaris, Windows 7, and various forms Linux be studied and tested.  Prior to operating system research, I was responsible for the redesign of the network communication system for ATOS machines.

For the first 5 months of 2009, I was assigned to work on SPIDER, which is a project aimed at handling critical flight operations in a network of dedicated computer nodes on a fiber optic network.  My assignment was to explore, select, and then recommend which embedded operating system should be used in SPIDER's new embedded chipset.  I completed an investigation, and wrote a report summarizing the findings, the direction the project should follow, and a list of tactics that could be put into action.

Prior to 2009, I analyzed and developed software and IT solutions for the Airstar Project at NASA Langley. Airstar pilots scaled aircraft with sophisticated mathematical simulations to acquire flight data that can stand in for full scale flight tests. Tests of this manner will help reduce the costs of flight testing new aeronautical chassis and airfoils, while still producing the quality results.  I have developed and maintained several software tools and applications specially customized for the needs of this project. These include, but are not limited to:

  • A flight visualization program built from Ogre3D
  • Matlab/Simulink Model comparison tool
  • Created interface tools tied to Python scripts for test operations
  • Generated a plug-in that transferred important research data from a Matlab simulation to XPlane; making flight testing visualization more portable to researchers around the center.

I have authored several documents that were both informal and formal documentation. 

Nov 2008Apr 2009

Brand Strategy Consultant Intern

Mason School - LifeNet Health

My team and I created and presented a rebranding campaign for a local biotechnology company: LifeNet Health. LifeNet Health was given a unique model to describe the five company strengths they need to leverage and numerous specific tactics to begin implementing. The big goal being to change the image of LifeNet Health from an allograft company or tissue bank into a biotechnology company.


  • Applied GE Matrix to the client's business units; calculated through weighting several factors for the brand.
  • Generated a unique brand model to structure the rebranding campaign around.
  • Presented our findings and our plan to a panel of executives, which included the CEO.
  • Co-authored a 76 page report for the project
Jun 2003Aug 2005

LARSS Summer Intern

NASA Langley Research Center

I worked at NASA Langley in the Summer Internship program for three years consecutively. During my time here, I was given various small software tasks that gave me the chance to experience real world software development. Many of the tasks were minor in scope, but all were done on time and exceeded expectations.

  1. Increased critical data collection capacity via an application that monitored the data bus during a flight simulation.
  2. Simplified flight simulation configuration for test users by developing a Simulation Configuration user interface.
  3. Created a 3d model of a 757 for an visualization tool, hacked the model format, converted the data to the desired format, placed that tool in a visualization tool for flight testing.
May 1997Nov 2004

Operations Manager

Big Top Entertainment

This job was very labor and time intensive. I frequently worked 10 - 15 hour shifts (longest being 48 hours). Our typical events were school fairs, corporate picnics, and after proms. Our key service was providing rides, tents, tables, chairs, D.J.s, casino tables, event workers, and other party items.

I started out as a regular event worker, where my role was to help set up events, run the rides, and help take down. As I remained in the organization and became more familiar with the business, and I gained more responsibilities.  Some of the key tasks were as follows: 

  • Supervision of client events: coordinating with clients, handling layouts, delegating event staff, and payment collection.
  • Managed loading trucks
  • Directing staff
  • Inventory management
  • Setting up time schedules
  • Product delivery (product outside events)

Essentially, any operational task that my boss would execute, I would do the same