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Work History

June 2018Present


Translation of the book Intimacy: Relationships and Sexuality in the light of Ayurveda to Spanish for the author Komala Lyra.

met  Komala Lyra, ayurvedic doctor, ayurveda, yoga and tantra teacher, when she hired me to cook ayurvedic food in one of her trainings. Since then I have followed her teachings. I appreciate the intuitive and practical way in which she teaches these disciplines. The study and translation of her book is becoming a great learning process about incorporating a sadhana (spiritual practice) into life with love and trust.

Apr 2018Present

Business owner 

Yatra: massage service on the Camino. Palas de Rei. Lugo. Spain.


Bodywork. Chyromassage, Abhyanga Yoga and Thai Massage studio. The studio also offers sports and remedial massage, pindas (herbal compress massage) and reflexology. Yoga classes and trainings.

Education. Intimacy, gender and sexuality workshops.

January 2017Present

Yoga Teacher

Pazo Vilane. Antas de Ulla, Lugo, Spain.

Teaching two different modalities of yoga combined: Dynamic Yoga and Yin Yoga. These classes are taught with a tantric non-dualistic approach. Nowadays as part of the services offered by Yatra.

January 2017July 2018

Massage therapist, yoga and pilates teacher

Clínica 9. Rúa Dinán 9, Lugo, Spain.

I have been teaching pilates and yoga in this studio for a year and a half. I have enjoyed seeing the great improvement of my students in areas that range mobility, agility, proprioception, independence, stamina, attitude and general health and wellbeing.

Oct 2016Jul 2017

Yoga Teacher

At Monterroso council: Concello de Monterroso. Lugo (Spain)

My students were mainly retired people, farmers and people from rural areas. This was a challenging but rewarding job, as many students were new to yoga, and the classes were designed for their particular age and health state.

Oct 2015Jul 2016

Massage therapist

Espacio Suriya. A Coruña, Spain.

Ayurvedic and Thai masseur. Chyromassage.

Yoga Teacher

Jul 2014May 2015

Massage Therapist

Anahata Spa, Alto Paraíso, Brazil.

Thai Yoga and Ayurvedic Massage practitioner. This is the center where I studied my Abhyanga Yoga training, with the wonderful teacher Tamasa Deva. The learning of Abhyanga Yoga became quite natural for me as I was already trained in Thai Massage, and both disciplines work in a similar way. Following my training I was hired by Tamasa to become a masseur in her center, which I left to return to my homeland in Spain.


Dec 2013Mar 2014

Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher.

Céu do Brasil, Bahia, Brazil.

 Surf, Yoga & Spa Resort Céu do Brasil:

-Yoga teacher
-Therapist: Traditional Thai Massage.
-Support in the kitchen: Nutrition. Arrangement of vegan menus.
-Support in group facilitation.

Itacaré, Bahia. Brazil.

Feb 2013Oct 2013

Community Services Worker

MacDonnell Shire, Alice Springs, Australia.

Social services supervisor in the community Amoonguna. Running a youth program and a child care program, helping my colleagues with their training. Linking these two programs with Age Care program helping families stay together and facilitating  cultural transfer. linking also with any other health services working in town and in this particular community. After years working in Amoonguna community (I started only months after a youth program was set up) I saw so much improvement in mental and physical health, this was one of the most rewarding jobs I ever had.

Nov 2012Jan 2013

Youth Services Officer

Tangentyere Council Inc, Alice Springs, Australia.

Youth worker, driver, supervisor, activity coordinator at Tangentyere Youth Services. Working at Tangentyere I ran art workshops during school holidays, multimedia (video making and editing, internet). Together with other workers I facilitated acrobatics and sports activities. I also worked in the "Off the Street" program, together with The Gap Youth Center and various other services in Alice Springs, offering local youth the opportunity to engage in fun and safe night-time activities.

This job was a great opportunity for me because I could learn about the cultural and social differences between aboriginal youth in a town like Alice Springs and communities out bush. 

Oct 2012Jan 2013

Relief Youth Worker

ASYASS, Alice Springs, Australia.

Relief youth worker at a youth refuge for young men and women 15 to 17 years old. This job involves:  identifying and working towards their goals, addressing their health, education and income needs, teaching them life skills.

It also involves case work, ensuring the privacy of the clients, and routinely, the usual maintenance and fulfillment of basic needs of a household.

Aug 2012Sep 2012

Outside School Hours Care Program Support Officer

MacDonnell Shire, Alice Springs, Australia.

My job as described according to my position title is to "oversee the delivery of the outside school hours care program with support from the Team Leader of Children's Services", working alongside with Outside School Hours Care Facilitators and Children's services staff and coordinators, managing physical resources both in the central office and remote communities. The job involves managing local staff, supporting the maintenance of records, formulating reports, and keeping accurate documentation in children's files.

Jun 2011Aug 2012

Youth Development Support Officer

MacDonnell Shire

I have worked in a community, Amoonguna, as a youth worker, running a youth program with my teammates. In this job, my objective has always been to run a safe and fun program, support my co-workers, promote community development objectives and fulfill the policies and procedures of my employer. Part of my job was also to facilitate cultural programs and organize and direct bush trips and cultural trips. One of the projects I organized was two paintings (2.5x 1.4m.) in which the youth worked together with local artists from Amoonguna and Santa Teresa (Kathleen Kemarre Wallace, Roseanne Dixon, Patricia Ellis).

I also worked on several programs during school holidays in the following communities: Tjitjikala, Hermannsburg, Areyonga, Santa Teresa. My job in these communities was similar, with a focus on developing specific cultural projects, such as: facilitating and supporting artists and elders to work together with children and youth. I also helped create a new magazine for aboriginal youth to talk about sexuality and safety, as part of a project called "The Right Track" comprising music, performance and video . I worked as an illustrator and facilitating the art space for young people to express themselves. In three communities, we created a safe space for youth to express their opinion about health issues, and we created the health material together with them. 

Apr 2011Sept 2013

Yoga Teacher

Yogaway. Alice Springs, Australia.

In my classes I aimed for helping improve the health and wellbeing (both mental and physical) of my students in their everyday life. And also in making them self-sufficient in terms of their yoga practice. My whole teaching is designed for students to take their practice home and continue it whether they continue coming to yoga class or not.

Mar 2011Jul 2011


Bean Tree Cafe, Alice Springs, Australia.

Waiter and dishwasher in a busy cafe in the botanical gardens of Alice Springs, Australia.

May 2011Jun 2011


Zippy Clean, Alice Springs, Australia.

Cleaner at two public schools in town. 

Nov 2009Aug 2010

Art educator, environmental educator. Guide.

Argumentos para la Cultura, Madrid

I worked as a guide and art educator in Madrid centre, teaching history and environmental education. The guided tours included: Museo Nacional Reina Sofía, Palacio Real, Real Jardín Botánico and other museums and monuments of the city.

Jul 2007Oct 2009


Artecoop. Brasilia, Brazil

Translator English - Spanish, English - Portuguese for an architect's studio establishing in Brazil.

Dec 2005May 2007


Argumentos Para la Cultura, Madrid

Environmental and arts educator at Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid and several museums and cultural sites in the city.


Sports & Rec Facilitator

Xunta de Galicia

Planning and developing youth leisure activities such as sports and other recreational activities during holidays and after school time, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all children and youth taking part of the youth leisure programs.

Jul 1999Sep 2001

Summer Camps facilitator

Escuela de Tiempo Libre Campa

Developing youth leisure activities such as sports and other recreational activities during holidays for children from 9 to 12 years old.


Jan 2017Mar 2017

Traditional Thai Massage Diploma

Baan Thai A Coruña

Study and practice of thai massage. Bangkok style.

Mar 2014Jul 2014

Abhyanga Yoga Massage Certificate

AYM. Anahata Spa. Alto Paraíso. Brazil.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. Training at Anahata Spa. Estage and work in the spa itself.


Yoga Teachers Training

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta

Besides my YTTC nowadays I continue my yoga study of yoga with Sivananda Yoga Vedanta. 


Komala Lyra

Author of Intimacy: Relationships and Sexuality in the Light of Ayurveda, faculty member of ISTA (International School of Temple Arts).  Founder of Ayurveda Mandala.


Nuria Varela-Portas

Owner of Pazo de Vilane


Silvia Polivoy

Céu Do Brasil director.


Aneesh Benzi

Manager at ASYASS (Alice Springs Youth Accomodation and Support Services). 

+61 8 8953 4200


Northern Territory Early Intervention Program.

Community Development Program, part of the National Binge Drinking Strategy

Tangentyere Council & NT Police.

Alice Springs.

SHIP Database User Training

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare & ASYASS.

Alice Springs.

Work Effectively with Young People in the Youth Work Context. Certificate IV in Youth Work.

Dedicated Training and Consulting Group & ASYASS.

Alice Springs



First Aid

Nov 2015

Prevención de Riesgos Laborales


Prevention of occupational risks training.

Apr 2012Present

Drive and Recover 4WD Vehicle

Direct 4WD. 4WD Australia
Mar 2012

Authorised Person for Volatile Substance Abuse prevention

Department of Health. NT Government
Nov 2011

Fist Aid

St John Ambulance Australia
Mar 2000Oct 2000

"Aire Libre". Sports and Rec Facilitator Certificate.

Xunta de Galicia