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Album Title: "This is who I am..


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Height: 5'1 lbs

Chest: 35.5

Waist: 27

Hips: 38

      Not a stranger in the entertainment business, Da'Nielle has been singing since around the age of 5 or 6. A voice that has always been mature, full of soulfulness, and ripe with lyrics, Da'Nielle has always been able to capture the ear, heart, and soul of everyone who hears her. Her musical inspirations range from Aretha Franklin, Pattie LaBelle, Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, Billie Holliday as well as the younger gifted artists such as Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton and the list goes on.

        In just a few short years Da'Nielle is making a positive name for herself. She has performed at the start of sporting events, The Kwanzaa Fest, The Harambee Festival and has won several area talent shows. She is currently working on her debut album titled "This is who I am ...'' featuring some of Dallas' own finest Lil' Soc from the hit single "Oak Cliff That's My Hood" and KEKE with her hot single "Debit or Credit". Right now she is performing places promoting her CD as well as writing for other upcoming artists. Her songs are currently playing on 89.3fm.

        As I stated earlier, Da'Nielle is no stranger in the entertainment industry. She has performed in her first hit play ''The Black Nativity a Rousing Gospel Musical'' by Langston Hughes where she was one of the lead soloists and was asked to return yet another year. Da'Nielle has entered into the film industry now and has hit the ground running and hasn't looked back. For starters her very first audition for a movie, she received the lead role for a film titled "That Girl" which has not yet been finished. Also she received yet another lead role in a movie titled "Deception" which she's about to start filming as we speak.  Da'Nielle has accomplished finishing her first project in yet another lead role in a movie titled "Night to Fly" where she plays a lead detective Celia Davidson. The movie was released in April of 07 and was premiered at the Angelika Theater and can be purchased at And as part of the soundtrack for this movie, Da'Nielle has two songs of her own featured in the score. Teaming up with the same producer/director of "Night to Fly", Da'Nielle has just finished filming another project titled "The Okra Principle", where she plays Sherie-- a cheating wife. And as part of the score for this project as well, Da'Nielle has featured one of her songs titled "Can't Sleep". To view the trailor for this movie, please refer to the link . Da'Nielle has also done projects as extras as she continues to strive to land that one role that will open the doors of oppourtunity. And to name a few of the projects as extras, Da'Nielle was in the movie "Sweet Justice" starring Reagan Gomez from the TI video "You can have whatever you like" and the t.v. show Parent Hood along with Headcrack from 97.9 the Beat and an infomercial that will be airing on cable t.v. the Fall of this year.

      She's dipped and dabbed in modeling as well but singing and acting  tends to take up much of her time. Da'Nielle is very versatile and can adapt to any environment, especially in the entertainment industry. In due time, Da'Nielle's talent, hard work, and determination will pay off as they already have and you too will be intrigued by the talent that she's bringing to the table. Born and raised in Dallas Texas, Da'Nielle expresses that her goal is to work and perform in the entertainment industry until retirement (if there ever is any). Her desire to be apart of the entertainment industry is so strong, you can feel the vibes just being near her. She truly brings a breath of fresh air... **

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