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Work experience

Aug 2007Present


City of Oshawa

·Greeted customers pleasantly and professionally

·Consistently extended quality customer service to customers

·Manages multi-line phone system and responded appropriately to inquires

·Directly dealing with patrons for admission to skating and swimming, program concerns/questions (CLASS), general information, or complaints

·Direct use of faxing machines, photocopiers, and filing techniques

·Reconciling cash floats, cash deposits and balancing of tills

·Administering the on-line (Point of sale) cash register, intake of cash transactions, credit and debit

Apr 2010Present


The Beer Store

·Greeted customers pleasantly and professionally

·Consistently extended quality customer service to diverse customers and educated customers on products

·Administering the on-line (POS) cash register, intake of cash transactions, credit and debit

·Reconciling cash floats, cash deposits and balancing of store safes


Sep 2008Apr 2012

Operations Management

Durham College

The Operations Management program incorporates social media, sociology, business, and communication courses to prepare students for a variety of careers in the Operations Management field.



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My objective is to obtain valuable work experience, while continuing my post-secondary education. Once graduation I hope to put my experiences to use in full time employment.

Written Work

I wanted to share some written work that I created for my social media class at Durham College. Social media classes are related to research and personal opinion and I feel as though this assignment is a good example of my writing skills, showing both research and personal opinion in one paper.

Bath & Body WorksSocial Media Audit


Under the Limited Brands umbrella there is an American retail store, Bath & Body Works. Founder, chairman and CEO of Limited Brands is Leslie (Les) H. Wexner born in Dayton Ohio on September 8, 1937. The University of Ohio State is where Les studied Business administration. After some help and inspiration from his parents Les borrowed $5, 000 from his aunt and created The Limited, a clothing store for young women. In 1969 Limited Brands become a public retailing and marketing company. Over the years the company expanded and now currently includes: Victoria's Secret, Pink (Victoria's Secret), Bath & Body Works, Henri Bendel, C. O. Bigelow, The White Barn Candle Company, and La Senza (Wikipedia).

The retail store Bath & Body Works was founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio. You can find these retail stores selling body lotions, personal care items, home fragrances, and bathing ideas all across North America. Within the Limited Brands stores net sales were the second highest in 2006 with revenue of US$2,285,000,000. This followed their first television commercial launch, and an official website. Bath & Body Works have 1,665 company-owned stores; 6 franchised stores and have recently opened their first store outside of North America in Kuwait. Within the next few years the Limited Brands Company plans on expanding and opening new stores across the Middle East. There promoting methods, of selling their signature collection ideas for $1.00 has interested new customers and have kept them as returning customers. This is kept them in competition with The Body Shop, if not surpass them. The launches of new products have been advertised not only over the radio, and on television commercials but on the web through social media websites and email clubs.


When looking for sites and pages on social media web sites that belonged to Bath & Body Works it was quick and easy for me because I am a fan on their Facebook page, and a follower on their Twitter page. When looking at their official web site they have a link to where you can click and it will take you directly to their Facebook fan page, a link to join their email club where you can receive news letters and details on up coming events, and a link where you can sign up to receive promotions and discounts straight to your Smartphone. For Bath & Body Works still being a small and newer company, I believe there is still a lot of outsourcing that they could do to promote their name and products. Google was/is always the easiest and quickest way to link to and find companies on other pages you may not personally follow, this is where I connected to find my results.


My findings for Bath & Body Works were minimal. For a growing company like themselves social media has and will continue to help them expand, and spread their name. When searching the store by name I didn’t get as much information as when I searched the CEO of Limited Brands name. There are more links and websites to coupons for Bath & Body Works than anything else on the web; this is a good selling tactic for a new and small business like them. To my findings Bath & Body Works have all the right ideas to surviving and growing in this economy, even without too much business information.

Facebook- The official Bath & Body Works fan page on Facebook has 3,524,279 fans (Facebook). Becoming a fan to their page on Facebook entitles you to receive coupons and information details on the latest productions, sales and up coming events. There is information about the company, links to reaching customer service with questions or concerns, and even a store locator. With a new post every ten minutes from a fan, you can get new fragrances and products other fans liked and recommend.

MySpace- Unlike other larger corporations and brands none of Limited Brands companies have MySpace. Browsing through the homepage of MySpace, it appeared to be for more entertainers and entertaining companies. Limited Brands made the choice not to use this social media site to advertise their companies.

Linkedin- Bath & Body Works has a page on Linkedin, mainly employee based. There are 3,277 employees connected on this page, and 6,286 followers (Linkedin). Headquarters for Bath & Body Works is located at 7 Limited Parkway East Reynoldsburg, OH, United States. There are numerous job postings for the company nation wide, along side with other companies within the Limited Brands Corporation.

Digg- Personally I have never heard of Digg before, until I searched Bath & Body Works and 46,556 results appeared (Digg). One post led me to a web site full of coupons you could print off your computer and redeem. Meanwhile others led me to online catalogs and ordering forms.

YouTube- When searching on YouTube I noticed that Bath & Body Works doesn’t not have its own channel like other larger companies do, but they do have many fans and customers. There were about 20,700 results (YouTube). The majority of the videos I seen were of customers, arriving home with new purchases excited, happy, and wanting to share with friends, family, and other YouTube followers their new favorite products.

Twitter- Even though Twitter didn’t have as many followers as I thought they would have, there are still 32,203 followers and 2,331 tweets about Bath & Body Works Company and products (Twitter). With more and more people connecting their Twitter and Facebook accounts together, soon enough Bath & Body Works will have close to if not more Tweets then posts on Facebook.

Wikipedia- Wikipedia surprisingly didn’t have as much information as I thought it would have. There was more information about the Company on the founders (Les Waxner’s) Wikipedia page then its own. There was a brief summary on when the first store opened, and how they are working extremely hard at becoming a world wide company/brand. Many of the numbers/stats were from past years, but still helpful as to were to company is headed in years to come.

RecommendationsI think Bath & Body works is doing a good job marketing their products and slowly learning that social media will only help them and become their best friend. To promote new products, advertise sales and events they have been using their email club, and social media pages. Even with all their hard work I do have a few recommendations of my own on how they can improve their websites.

Firstly, Bath & Body Works have Facebook and Twitter accounts but they should consider a MySpace account. Even though it may not be up their ally because of all the music promoting MySpace is used for, it would still be a good site to join. There are about 110 million users on MySpace and all those users are potential customers (Wikipedia). Their page would attract all the women who enjoy scented body washes, lotions, home fragrant, and candles. Their growing men’s line would also attract those men who like a fresh scent in the shower. A MySpace page would be one of a kind to their products and help against the competition.

Secondly, I would suggest that Bath & Body Works provide more information and background on the company and store. Even though there is quite a bit of information on their CEO’s Wikipedia page, not everyone looking for answers to their questions are going to go through a thorough search and find Les Wexner’s page. There are many customers that want to know the background, history of the store and statistics before supporting and buying their products. Wikipedia is a website that many people use as a quick and reliable search engine. It would not take long for an employee to sit down one afternoon and add a little information for those curious shoppers; by having an employee do this rather than a customer themselves you are more likely to have true facts to go by.

Finally, because of the slow growth to Canada and worldwide a good marketing idea would be to advertize through their brother companies. Other companies and stores that are owned by Limited Brands, which are already throughout Canada and around the world, should promote the new company. This could be easily done by after a customer has made a purchase there could be a little flyer or coupon attached to their receipt to redeem at the closest Bath & Body Works store. This would get customers curious as to what this new store has to offer, sales, and prices. If Bath & Body Works have priced their products to compete with similar stores they might win over some new customers this way.

Overall, Bath & Body Works are off to a good start with promoting their products and getting their name out there to new customers. There is always room to grow in which I believe they are doing in a good way for the company. Social media has had a large part in the company’s growth whether or not they know it. I believe we will be seeing more Bath & Body Works popping up in malls everywhere and gaining new customers from social media advertising and the good old, word of mouth.


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