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Work experience


Crew Trainer

McDonald's Franchise

I am a crew trainer at a McDonald's franchise. This may not sound like much, but in the time I have had this job, I

have learned endless amounts about money, business, customers, the food industry, and people in general. I

work cash, drive thru, kitchen, and manage the floor at times. This could be a stressful job, but keeping a

positive outlook at all times helps with the stress level. I have learned to prioritize tasks and understand the use

of money more due to this job, along with investing and saving my own money in order to avoid debt and be able

to utilize my money effectively. This job has definitely given me more than I expected.


First Responder

Durham College/ UOIT

I have been a member of the Campus Emergency Response Team on my college campus for the past 2 years.

This is a rewarding and enjoyable thing for me, as participation in this volunteer service has exposed me to

many new things. It also helps me to learn various things that I will need in my education of nursing, and in the

future when I work in the health field.


Jan 2011Present

Practical Nursing

Durham College

Since beginning the Practical Nursing program at Durham College in January 2011, I have learned so much

and really become more open to the things around me. I have gained knowledge and experience through

numerous opportunities and placements. My clinical experiences include:

Lakeridge Health Oshawa - Oncology/ Nephrology Unit: I was able to gain experience in caring for patients

in end of life stages, but also engage in hands on learning by performing various skills, including

medications through enteral feeds, dressings, etc.

Rouge Valley Ajax - Labor and Delivery Unit: I worked with newborns and new parents to teach skills like

bathing a newborn, medications that can be taken by mom or given to babies, assessing any birthing

complications, and monitoring the status of mom and baby.

Ontario Shores Center for Mental Health Sciences - Forensic Psychiatric Rehabilitation Unit: I worked with

mentally ill patients who had committed a crime and were "serving time" in the hospital, being treated for

illnesses ranging from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, to multiple personality disorders/

borderline personality disorder, etc.

Lakeridge Health Bowmanville - Medical/ Surgical and Acute Care: I was able to learn about different types

of patients that were more of a short term stay, with issues ranging from critical needs to various geriatric type

care, depending on the patient and their diagnosis.

Uxbridge Cottage Hospital - Medical/ Surgical (Geriatrics): Most patients on this unit were awaiting long

term care, meaning that most care given would be cleaning and learning skills rather than critical care type

care. It was good experience with elderly patients.


Facebook seems to be my generation's way to communicate and interact with one another. It is simple to share photos, stories, and videos with other people, and has become more and more popular over the years. This is an incredible social media tool, as it gives people a quick look into your work, personal and financial status, based on the things that you are posting. The link to my personal Facebook page is below.
I have begun to understand the art of blogging in the past year. I am starting to be a bit better at posting things on line, and realizing how others can post their own articles or stories online too. This is a great social media tool and it has enabled me to share my writing with others, in many different ways. Below I have added the link to a blog posting that I created for my Social Media general education course, which speaks about social media: fad vs. real change in our culture.   Hopefully I will be able to continue blogging in the near future, perhaps when school and work winds down a bit.
Linked In
This social media tool has definitely been helpful to me, and will hopefully continue to become more helpful to me. It is a brief summary of work and education history, so potential employers can quickly glance at it and know all they want to about an employee. Below is the link to my personal account:   Social media has definitely influenced opportunities in that it is much simpler than ever before to get your name and resume out to multiple employers, with one click.
I have been able to use Picasa as a skill. It is a social media tool that can be used to organize, edit and share pictures either on your own computer, or over the internet. It is a bit difficult to use at first, but with practice can be easily manipulated to help with making slide shows, collages, and photo organization easier than other programs. It is a free download, which is another benefit to this program.   Above is a link that will hopefully (fingers crossed!) work, it will direct you to the google homepage and prompt you to log in to view. It is a collage that I made using Picasa, with pictures from the past year of myself and people that I love (my sister, cousin, boyfriend of 2 years), places that I enjoy going (trips, the beach) and accomplishments (my car, myself in my scrubs), etc. It is a small glimpse into the young lady that I am, and the woman that I am becoming.


Hello! My name is Danielle Kiers, and I am a second year practical nursing student. I began college when I

was 17, and haven't stopped learning or growing in my knowledge, skill and understanding since then. Every day

is a new day with so many new experiences that we are able to utilize for our learning and growing. I am excited

to see what the future holds for me, and what the possibilities are. I cannot wait to feel that I am being used to

my full potential, and I hope that through this online resume, you can find a place that I might fit inside of your

chapter. Thanks for taking the time to visit my resume, please scroll down and enjoy!


My interests include:

- Meeting new people

- Experiencing new things and having new opportunities

- Travelling

- Learning new things, educating myself

- Spending time with family

- Helping others

- Volunteering


Babysitter's First Aid

Saint John's Ambulance

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health Ontario

Advance Medical First Responder

Saint John's Ambulance

First Aid (Basic)

Saint John's Ambulance


Saint John's Ambulance