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Sep 2011Present

Business Administration- Accounting

Durham College
  • Currently completing second semester in the Accounting option
  • Managed to cut workload in half by getting exempt from three courses similar enough that have already been successfully completed
  • Further expanding my understanding of business operations and structure
  • Gained knowledge on how the Internet and social media can have an effect on society
  • Developing my understanding of the government and economics
  • Majoring in the Accounting option, am a week away from successfully completing Accounting 2
  • Have developed a good understanding of accounting principles
Sep 2010Apr 2011

Office Administration- General

Durham College
  • Successfully completed one-year certificate program
  • Majority of class time was spent on computers and developing our technical skills
  • Completed courses such as: Computers 1 and 2, Transcription, Spreadsheets, Keyboarding 1 and 2, Communications and Office Procedures
  • Gained a better understanding and can efficiently manage Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Expanded knowledge on proper grammar and punctuation
  • Further developed efficient keyboarding skills
  • Learned to properly construct important business documents, letters and memos

Work experience

Animoto Video

Again Animoto Video was used for Social Media class, we worked in a small group of four people. A short roughly 30 second video was prepared for a social media tool, we picked the photo sharing app. Instagram. The video was short and informative with short bits of facts and info on the application. This video had a song and multiple pictures included as well. This would allow potential employers to see a creative side of yourself and your ability to complete a project in a neat and interesting way. This video making process was a new experience for me and now I have a bit understanding of video preparation and making.

Class Wiki

Like Blogger our class Wiki was a site I used for Social Media class. The Wiki allowed for us to work in small groups of three or four and become experts on specific aspects of social media. My group was responsible for Photo Sharing Applications. This allowed us to demonstrate our knowledge on the topic and again highlights writing skills in a positive way for potential employers to observe. This also allowed others to learn and better understand topics that were not assigned specifically to their group.


Blogger is a Blog site, I created the account for my Social Media class. This site is a great place for students in the class to answer a class question and to comment on others answers. It is a great way to expand your thoughts and opinions on a specific question. Blog posts that I have written may highlight my writing skills and be a positive aspect in the hiring process to a potential employer.


Pinterest is a social bookmarking site, I have just recently created a Pinterest account. This is my favourite social bookmarking site and I feel it really helps me organize my interests and the sites I may like to re-visit in the future. This is a site where someone who does not know me personal could go to my page and see my interests and hobbies. Also some of my links could be in interest to prospective employers or could be related to the type of job I am trying to obtain, proving my passion in the feild.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Computer Skills- Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, including; Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Customer Service Skills- Handled customers inquiries and solved any problems regarding them
  • Adaptability- Adjusts well to new environments and responsibilities
  • Motivated- Determined to get the job done to the best of my ability in a timely manner

Extracurricular Activities and Interests

  • Dance- Competitively danced for eight years, winning numerous overall awards special awards and co-captained the Company A dance team at Clarington Centeral Secondary School, am always finding music to dance to or love watching dances on YouTube
  • Fashion and Make-up- Have a passion for glitz and glamour, follow multiple fashion and make-up blogs online, through Pinterest and on YouTube
  • Food, Restaurants and Cooking- Love finding and re-creating recipes, Pinterest is my favourite way of searching new recipes to try, lately have been loving the California Spring Salad recipe I found
  • Health and Fitness- Love staying active and working out, running on the treadmill and finding Fitness blogs to follow via StumbleUpon, Pinterest or YouTube
  • Friends and Family- Staying connected to the people I love no matter how far away they are is made a lot simpler by tools like Skype, Facebook and Twitter.