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Danielle C Barmore

Certified Ophthalmic Assistant 


Aug 2009Dec 2009

Some college 

Bossier Parish Community College 

Continued as a Biology major 

Aug 2008May 2009

Some college 

University of Louisiana in Monroe 

Studied as a Biology major 

Aug 2004May 2008

High school diploma 

Haughton High School 


Work experience

Nov 2012Present

Ophthalmic Technician

Lusk Eye Specialists

I assist ophthalmologist in providing patient care by performing many different eye-related clinical functions. I also help care for patients by taking histories, performing various procedures and tests, and preparing patients to see the doctor. My main goal is to provide the Ophthalmologist with important information to help diagnose and treat patients.

Skills include:

  • Patient work up: Perform preliminary exams including taking patient histories, visual acuity, pupil tests, confrontational fields, keratometry,8 and refractometry. (Clinical optics/Strabismus screenings/Neurological/cataract/glaucoma/dry eye/trauma/foreign particle work-up)
    • Greets patient and introduces self-prior to eye exam.
    • Explains to patient what they should expect from technician’s work up and from the MDs.
    • Performs auto-refraction prior to MD or OD exam.
    • Completes a detailed patient history which includes: past medical history (systemic and ocular), family medical history (systemic and ocular), medication history (systemic and ocular), and the chief complaint (reason for the visit).
    • Checks patient’s uncorrected and corrected visual acuity for distance and near.
    • Inserts and removes both a soft and hard contact lens
    • Instruct patients regarding insertion and removal techniques, disinfecting, cleaning, storing and care of contact lenses. 
    • Reads eyeglasses by manual lensometry.
    • Performs manifest/cycloplegic refraction.
    • Performs angle assessment and pupil assessment prior to dilating patient.
    • Performs BAT tests as directed by MD.
    • Performs one or more of the following exams: Ishihara Color Vision, Amsler, confrontational visual fields (CVF), extraocular movements (EOMS),  stereo testing, schirmers testing.
    • Performs Tonopen tonometry on patient.
  • Assist with routine tests, treatments, and minor surgeries including administering anesthetics and dilating drops, preparing injections and relaying prescriptions to pharmacy.
  • Diagnostic Testing and Ophthalmic Skills preformed:
    • Minor calibration of equipment.
    • Performs both manual and automatic corneal pachymetry.
    • Performs Macula OCT for macular thickness retinal issues.
    • Glaucoma OCT and HRT nerve fiber layer.
    • Performs VF’s: Visual Fields (Humphrey). 
    • Performs Fundus Photography and External Photography.
    • Performs corneal topography and Galilei accurately and is able to troubleshoot poor readings or machine difficulties.
    • Performs pupil, muscle, and Schirmer tear testing.
    • Performs  A-Scans.
    • Accurately measures Blood Pressure and Pulse Rates
  • Surgical Assisting:
    • Knowledge of instruments routinely used in office, such as Vannas scissors, Jeweler’s forceps, punctal dilators and lid specula. 
    • Performs eye patching as instructed by MD.
    • Applies dressings and bandages.
    • Removes non-imbedded foreign particles with cotton swab. 
    • Set up for conjunctival and corneal cultures.
    • Labels medications, explains discharge orders and instructions to patient/family.
    • Capable if assisting in Cataract surgery.
    • Document and dictate accurate and timely chart notes
  • Knowledge of medical office practices and medical terminology.
    • Assist with front office duties including pulling charts, filing,  scheduling appointments, computer input, and assisting with patient flow.
    • Familiar with medications and ocular disease processes.
    • Committed to excellence in patient care and relations.
    • Articulate, friendly, and effective working with people of different backgrounds and temperaments.
    • Responsible for care, maintenance, stocking and set-up of assigned room(s).
    • Accurately records, remembers, and verbally communicates detailed information.
    • Maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Certified in CPR/First Aid  
Aug 2011Nov 2012

Substitute Teacher

Bossier Parish School Board

As a substitute teacher I assumed the responsibilities of the regular teacher when the regular teacher is absent. During that time, imparting knowledge and providing instruction, just like a regular teacher. I use lesson plans, assign class work and homework, while keeping the class in order. I often worked in new places, with new students. This was both a pleasure and a responsibility. I enjoy working with people and changing lives.

May 2009Mar 2011

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Charlie's Oilfield Service 

I started as a part time assistant while in college, but was then offered a full time position as an office manager after moving back to Bossier Parish.

  • I then assisted the owner with his daily schedule and duties, to include managing his calendar, commitments, and travel arrangements (planning itineraries, developing agendas and meeting materials, reporting expenses, etc.).
  • Provided general administrative support to the Charlie's team to include.
    • Receiving and interacting with visitors.
    • Answering and managing incoming calls.
    • Maintaining paper and online records and defining procedures for their work done, deliveries, loads, unloads, and time on location.
    • Arranging meetings and conference calls (including coordinating all meeting logistics, developing agendas and meeting materials, etc.)
    • Drafting correspondence and presentations.
    • Recording, transcribing, and distributing notes/minutes of meetings.
    • Providing other daily support to staff as needed.
  • Performed general office/facilities management duties to include:
    • Managing the inventory of office supplies, ordering additional supplies as needed and ensuring that costs are appropriately managed.
    • Planning space allocations, layouts, and floor moves as required; arranging for and supervising building maintenance.
    • Maintaining office facilities and equipment by assisting with procurement and routine maintenance and upkeep.
  • Assisted with human resource functions to include:
    • Posting position openings to job sites and managing flow of incoming candidate applications.
    • Ordering background checks and drug tests on potential new hires;
    • Assisting new employees with their orientation to the organization, benefits enrollment, and tax forms.
    • Maintaining human resources files in accordance with laws, regulations, and established standards.
  • Perform accounts payable processing and other basic accounting functions to include:
    • Reconciling invoices and filling out payments request with proper coding.
    • Assist with entering and processing approved payments.
    • Developing and maintaining files.
    • Developing and maintaining various financial databases and reports.


Initiative and problem-solving abilities
Leadership and Communication Skills
Creative mindset