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Danielle Renee Neveu

Customer service / Security Rep


Highly efficient Customer service / Security individual with a variety of experiences in a fast paced work environment. Ready to assist at a moments notice to ensure exemplary customer service in a friendly, informed way.  Eager to learn and add to my life experiences. 

  • Wide range of skills and training certifications to benefit a variety of businesses. 
  • Exceptional interpersonal and leadership skills; as well as a team player. 
  • Excellent organizational and analytical skills to promptly and accurately assist in a timely manner with the ability to multi- task. 
  • Outstanding communication skills to build rapport with customers and employees, as well as bilingual in English, French, both written and oral. Some basic sign language skills. 
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Act- track, EBI systems, and Internet/social media friendly. 
  • Extremely friendly and caring in many different areas of life.  Work as well as at play. 

Work experience


Security / Dispatcher

Caesars Windsor

I have worked in the Security Department for Caesars Windsor for over 17 years, with 10 years experience as a dispatcher.  As a Security guard, I assisted in many ways as a customer service representative and also ensured the safety of the patrons and fellow staff members.  I have also been involved as a first responder during medical emergencies.  As a dispatcher I was responsible for accurately logging and tracking all lost and found items in a computerized logging/ filing system. Fielded calls pertaining to those items as well as face to face inquiries. I was responsible for the tracking and logging of any and all incidents pertaining to the Casino's assets, patrons, and staff.  During medical emergencies, I was responsible for coordinating with Windsor fire, police, ambulance and OP.P. services to ensure quick and necessary response. Assisted in many other ways to provide customer service and ensured customers needs were met over and above. 


Resort Cashier

Casino Windsor

I was a resort cashier,  we rotated throughout all food outlets at the Casino. I was originally trained on a PLU# system which required excellent memory skills, then was trained on a computerized touch screen Microsystems, where we processed cash, VISA, MasterCard, and comps as well as promotions and coupons. Was responsible for balancing cash drawer and preparing and organizing paperwork to be submitted to the finance auditing department for verification. Had an exceptional record with no major exemption reports. 



Casino Windsor

I was a Hostess in the Food and Beverage department.  I was responsible for greeting guests and I assisted them with their selections and questions.  I would physically help elderly guests with their trays to help them to their table.  Answered telephone inquiries and assisted in the overall smooth running of the restaurant. 


Coffee Cart Attendant

Casino Windsor

Was responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and overall operation of the Coffee Cart. Responsible for stocking, cleaning, cooking, and balancing a money float. Most important was the quality control and presentation of the variety of specialty coffee/ latte/ cappuccino/and espresso beverages. Barista skills were definitely an asset. Was also required to balance  the inventory at end of every shift. 


Hostess/ Buffet Attendant / Server.

Big Boy Elias Brothers Restaurant.

Worked various positions. Worked my way up quickly with regular raises and excellent reviews from both management and patrons alike. 



Law and Security Diploma  

St. Clair college

Received Law and Security diploma with a variety of courses including law, psychology, sociology, math, report writing, English, health and fitness. I was a scholarship recipient student / athlete and graduated with a 4.0 G.P.A. 


Secondary school diploma

Ecole Secondaire L'Essor

Received my high school diploma. Graduated on the honour roll and received my athletic major award. Was involved in the production of yearbooks.  Was active in the Arts and photography clubs as well.  Was an all county star Athlete with a school record for Women's soccer. Graduated in 1992 but stayed an extra year to complete a Co-op as a Physical Education teacher /Librarian in a French Grade School. Received and accepted a scholarship to attend St Clair College and play Varsity Women's Soccer. 


Grade School diploma

George P. Vanier / Ste Therese.

Received my grade school diploma in the Roman  Catholic district school board in FRENCH. Was an active member of several sports teams and track and field. Was the captain of the first French grade school to win a major district championship in 1988. Graduated with honours and received a sports award bursary. 

Training andCertifications  

CPR/DEFIB certified 

First responder First Aid 

ID fraud training 

W.H.M.I.S training 

SMART SERVE certified 

Valid OLG Gaming license 

Valid drivers licence 

Police Clearance available upon request 

Professional Associations

Member of WMSPL of Windsor.

Past and current member and assistant Coach/ Manager of many different Ladies and CoEd mixed Softball Championship Teams. 

Coach for WSC of Windsor 

I was a volunteer for the Windsor Soccer Club for many years. I have coached Timbits Soccer for WSC for over 5 years. I have been able to meet and affect in many ways, on and off the soccer pitch, many local kids. I have met many families of this community through my passion for the game of soccer and for life. I have made many friendships over the years and maintain many of them  to this day. I am a fair, honest, strict coach, but also know when to have fun and let loose. 

School parent volunteer 

I have been a regular volunteer for the WECDSB. I have enjoyed and made it a priority to be as involved as a working mother could be. I have been chosen for many school field trips including Grade 8 graduation trips with my children. I have been involved over the years for hot lunch days,  assisting and delivering food to the classrooms. I have been a parent driver as well for many sports teams and also assisted with coaching when needed and called upon. I have always felt well respected and welcomed as a parent in the schools from students to staff. 


Available upon request