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Work experience

Feb 2012Jun 2014

Script Supervisor


My job as a script supervisor was to check over all the scripts checking for any mistakes or improvement to be made. As well as checking over the scripts, I also had to monitor what parts of the show had been filmed and what needed to be filmed. Which includes what shots have also been filmed or needs to be filmed as well as taking not of what props have been used in the set. 

Working as a script supervisor has given me experience for being in charge of things, particularly in telling people what needs to be in the shot and telling the camera crew and cast what needs to be filmed and what part is important to film. Also, showing back a script given to me to the person and talking about the script and what was good and bad about it. This has given me a insight of what it would be like to be a manager or somebody higher up.It has also given me a chance to show of my skills when it comes to checking over the scripts and taking note of everything  being filmed and used and what needs to be used or filmed for the show, improving my observation skills. 

Aug 2011Dec 2012

Assistant Editor

The Sun 

Working for 'The Sun' I was mainly an online editor writing up stories which would interest a young range of audience and also get involved with the main editors to write up a story and see how they work. As I was working for 'The Sun' I was asked to many other task aside from being an assistant editor such as; taking photos for certain stories and editing them to fit in within the page. 

Since working for 'The Sun' I have gained many skills and experiences. I have learnt how write in many styles to fit in with the stories and also how to take pictures professionally, getting the right angle and also getting the right focus for the shot. As well as getting the right shots, angles and focus, I also learnt how to edit the picture in different ways to fit in with the story and to also fit it in the page. 

Mar 2008Jul 2010

Script Writer


To create station announcements, previews for upcoming shows and advertising for local companies.  
Also,  responsible for creating every aspect of a script, which includes  dialogue, characters and plot.

Since working at Pixar as a Script Writer I have gained more experience as a Script writer and I now know how to write more as a professional script writer. With the skills I have gained here it will transported into my journalism work.


Sep 2014May 2015

90 Credit Diploma Creative Media in Production

Solihull College

During this course we learnt all about camera angles, how to film certain shots to make a documentary. Also we had to write essays which included analysing films/documentaries, a news report presentation and a producer guidelines essay. 

Sep 2004Mar 2007


Cardiff University 

In this course, we had to learn all the basics about the role of a journalist and to learn the different styles of what a journalist would write like. After learning about the basics and the different styles of writing we then had to write essays explaining in detail what they are, and also to write up stories, articles for a certain topic given to us  as well doing research on the topic provided. 


I am punctual and good with timekeeping. I am young reliable, outgoing and a confident person who enjoys interacting with others. Being very technical, I enjoy being creative and have experience with producing and filming a documentary. I am extremely passionate when it comes to the media industry. I am good with staying in contact via email, texts and social media. I enjoy being organised keeping track of my activities on a calendar.