Danielle Ignacio

  • El Cajon California
Danielle Ignacio


                      Through high school I was exposed to various things to help me set my goals for the future. After earning my high school diploma I plan to attend to a two year college of my choice earning my associate's degree and then transferring to a university where I can set a goal to obtain a bachelor's degree. So far three colleges have caught my eye-University of Chicago, Loyola University of Chicago, and San Diego State University. I chose these three because they stand out when it comes psychology and the location is convenient which is a huge benefit for me. I’ve shown interest in psychology because, this field is fit for me and my liking. It focuses on the physical and environmental bases of behavior therefore sparking my interests. I’ve always been curious about the human patterns of behavior and of the way the human brain works. On top of that I like helping people


2012 - 2016

Valhalla High School-1725 Hillsdale Rd., El Cajon, CA 92019 

Current GPA: 3.5 

Class Rank: 171 of 474

Class Schedule

*12th grade to 9th grade*

12th - Intermediate Dance 


             Consumer Math


              American Government/Economics 

11th - Algebra IIC-2

             American Studies History 2C

             Chemistry 2C

             AP English Language 

             Intermediate Dance 

             Office Exp. 

10th -  Beginner Dance 

              Earth Science 2C

              Humanities 2/Literacy 2

              Peer Tutor

              Geometry IC-2

              World History/Geography 2C

9th - Algebra IA

           Biology 1-2A

           English 1-2A

           Physical Education


           World History 

Extra-Curricular Activities

Valhalla Varsity Cheer 2015-2016

Layton Athletics Cheerleading: Level 4 2008-2012

Sky High Volleyball 2008-2012

Valhalla Intermediate Dance: Given Best Attitude Award 2014-2015

Interest and Community Service

Babysitting - Ever since I turned 14 I started babysitting my neighbor's kids and gradually I started babysitting my parent's co-workers kids. Soon enough people would call me to babysit their kids.

Assistant Cheer Helper for PeeWee - For a couple years I've been an assistant to my little sisters cheer team. They practice everyday and I came along to help out with preparing the mats and helping the kids practice stunts and cheers.