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Daniel Krasnick is a tax expert and math teacher with over 29 years of professional experience. Mr. Krasnick attended college in New York City, earning his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Math from Brooklyn College in 1982. Mr. Krasnick subsequently moved to Waco, Texas, to earn his Master of Business Administration at Baylor University, and then returned to New York, where he received his Juris Doctorate from New York Law School with a focus in Tax Law.For most of his professional life, Daniel Krasnick concentrated on taxes. In 1982, just after earning his BS, Mr. Krasnick was hired by Arthur Young and Company in New York City as a tax accountant, where he worked for a year before returning to college to pursue an MBA. After succeeding at Baylor University, Mr. Krasnick found work as a tax manager with another New York firm, Wood Struthers and Winthrop, where he prepared returns and did tax planning for many clients. While earning his law degree at New York Law School, he continued to work as a tax manager, this time at Yohalem Gillman and Company.Since 2001, Mr. Krasnick has worked as an educator, teaching mathematics at schools in both the Philadelphia School District and the Bethlehem Area School District. He also serves as a union representative for the Bethlehem Education Association. In addition to his duties as a representative, he has put his financial acumen to use as the union's treasurer, preparing financial reports and examining tax and investment matters.When not at work teaching his students or representing his fellow teachers, Daniel Krasnick enjoys the pursuit of mathematical and tax knowledge for its own sake. He also supports many charities. Mr. Krasnick actively donates to the American Cancer Society, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and many other charitable organizations.                           

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