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Hello, my name is Daniel Duff. I am 24 and currently enrolled in the Criminal Justice program at Lethbridge College. My values such as honesty, integrity and accountability are coincided to fit with your police agency.

Through obtaining a diploma in the Criminal Justice program from Lethbridge College, with a specific policing major, it has not only increased my knowledge of how the criminal justice system works in Canada, but has helped develop my core values as well. Those core values I hold and possess are honesty, integrity, accountability, respect and compassion, which coincide with what you are looking for in recruits. My belief is to consistently strive to improve upon myself, to adapt and work with the changing needs of society.

My past employers, supervisors and instructors at the college are able to testify to my positive attitude, willingness to help out and determination to do the right thing. Through my interaction with others and easy going nature, I was able to be an excellent team player and if necessary, work well on my own. As it has been explained to me, there is a noticeable change in atmosphere when my presence is absent, due to my work ethic providing a pleasant environment.

Becoming a member of your police agency would be an incredible benefit for me, by being given the opportunity to help serve and protect Canada. Not only that, but my core qualities and work ethic will further cement the prestigious reputation that your police agency holds in the public eye. To further discuss my capabilities or to schedule an interview, please contact me at 403-894-6996.

Work experience

Dec 2010Oct 2011

Constant Watch Officer


- Secured perimeter by performing perimeter checks

- Enforced and executed hospital guidelines 

- Provided assisted walkouts to employees’ vehicles at late night

- Resolved confrontational situations

- Communicated situational occurrences to other employees

Jul 2009Aug 2010

Pre-Board Screener

Garda Securities

- Clarified and communicated rules of security to customers

- Performed searches of people and baggage

- Intervened and prevented prohibited items from passing security checkpoint

- Screened all customers and baggage prior to boarding airplanes

- Maintained professionalism at all times


Jan 2011Present

Lethbridge College




Being employed while required to wear a uniform that was to be cleaned and pressed at all times.
Working in team environments has helped developed my communication with other co-workers, customers and supervisors.
Customer Service
Throughout the last 5 years, the positions I have held were customer service orientated. I am able to listen, understand and deliver the customers needs.


Oct 2009Present

Firearm Safety

Alberta Hunters Education
Oct 2009Oct 2014

PAL- License (Restricted/Non restricted)

Mar 2008Mar 2011

St.Johns First Aid

Gateway Safety
Mar 2008Mar 2011

H2S Safety

Gateway Safety
Mar 2008Mar 2011

Front End Loader

Gateway Safety