Daniel Della Vedova

Daniel Della Vedova




  Diesel & gas fuel/oil filter changes    Filter cross-referencing        Fueling Varnishing/ staining/ oiling wood       Painting/ antifouling              Machinery maintenance Metal sealing/ treatment                       Polishing & waxing               Bilge cleaning/ drainage Interior/Exterior detailing                      Spill training                            Professional musician Woodwork & cabinetry                          Line Handling                        Surf instructing Docking/ undocking                              Appliance restoration           Greasing and bearings Pollution prevention                              Oil/ fuel inventory                   Heavy machine operations  

Work experience

Work experience

Service Engineer / Marine Fuel Attendant – Columbia Fuels Barge 205’     2009 – 2012

-Served large fuel/oil volumes to commercial/private vessels and seaplanes

-Operated high pressure diesel and gas delivery systems

-Operated bulk oil pump systems

-Knowledge of oil specifications

-Oil changes for mains, auxiliary, and generators

-Knowledge of grease types and applications

-Mechanical troubleshooting

-Responsible for all hazardous spill cleanup procedures

-Worked in harsh marine weather conditions

-Assisted in docking vessels

-Safely and responsibly disposed of waste petroleum products

-Operated 14ft emergency vessel

Deckhand – Wellcraft 24’ Charter Fishing Vessel                                                                  2012

-Responsible for docking/undocking, line handling/stowing, and knots

-Refueling and bilge pumping

-Cleaned, polished and waxed vessel regularly

-Interior/ exterior detailing

Deckhand – Parks Canada – 20’ RHIB                                                                        2007-2008

-Helmsmanship and Seakeeping

-Navigation (Radar & GPS)

-Day & Night operations of vessel in all weather and sea conditions

-Basic outboard maintenance and vessel detailing

-Line handling, sailing knots, docking/undocking, refueling

Surfing Instructor – Inner Rhythm Surf Shop                                                            2005-2008

-Lesson instruction to beginners of all ages

-Safely managed large groups of clients in the water

-Implemented proven teaching technique and class structure

-Operated within Pacific Rim National Park safety guidelines

-Approached emergency situations comfortably and with confidence in the water


To secure employment as a deckhand/engineer aboard an 80ft + charter yacht


Surfing                                    Guitar/Singing                       Automobiles

Fishing                                   Off Roading                            Film

Sea Kayaking                        Camping                                Skiing

Mountain biking                    Swimming                              Snowboarding