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I am a recent graduate of Boise State University with a B.S. in International Relations and a minor in economics. I live around the Boise, Idaho area, but am willing to relocate outside of the state


Sep 2003May 2008

International Relations

Boise State University - College of Social Science & Public Affairs

At Boise State University I attained a BS in political sceince with an emphasis in international relations and a minor in economics. I have a little over a 3.0 GPA in my field of study. Also, I studied in Thailand for  2 semesters at Rangsit Univeristy, then took a local job at a private language school in order to stay an additional 4 months in the country.

One of my largest projects that I completed at Boise State is a 40 page report on whether if being a British Crown colony had an impact on a country's tendacy to become democratic more so than non-British colonies by using academic sources for the background research and SPSS statistical software to generate multiple regression analysis, ANOVA, T- Scores, etc.

Also, I participated in the Boise State Undergrad Research Conference (as part of the economics department) where my group and I  conducted our project on the rate of drug abuse over the last 10 years for Boise ID, Tacoma WA, and Portland OR, and the social costs on their respective areas.

Work experience

Aug 2007May 2008

Computer Operations Support

  • Clear data off old computers and prepare for state auction
  • Assemble, install Novell software for networking, and distribute computers across campus
  • Responding to routine technical questions or requests for information
  • Have a good understanding of basic TCP/IP networking, XP, Win2000, NT, Win9x setup and administration
  • Clerical duties such as filing
  • Time sheet entries using TMA/Oracle applications.