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Daniel Blackburn has been the President of Mr. Electric in Ottawa, Ontario since 2003. Mr Electric is an electrical service and repair company with numerous franchises that has been offering both residential and commercial electric services since 1994. The Ottawa electric company provides the highest quality electrical repairs and services 24/7, from small repairs to large scale projects.

As President of Mr. Electric Ottawa, Daniel Blackburn employs only the best highly trained and certified Ottawa electricians to provide full electrical and installation services in Ottawa and area. At The Dwyer Group’s 2011 Reunion, Dan and his wife Tammy Blackburn were honored for their work in the year 2010, receiving the $2 Million Benchmark Award. The Blackburns also received a Personal Achievement Award which is awarded to owners with outstanding performances throughout the year in sales, service, and charity.

Mr. Electric

2446 Bank Street

Ottawa, ON K1V 1A8

Phone: 613-232-0800