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 Jasper Wall Builders Inc.

A production Framing company


Results-driven, quality-focused Framing contractor with 13 years, full time, year round experience framing single and multifamily housing in and around Edmonton. Experience includes all aspects including but not limited to framing single and multifamily housing.

  • Reading/Interpreting Blueprints
  • Crew Leadership
  • Strategic Planning/Execution
  • Quality Assurance
  • Manpower/Equipment Utilization
  • Scheduling
  • Time Management

Work experience

All Star Landscaping

May 2015Dec 2016

As a Contractor 

 »I Framed, sided, and shingled Micah Turner's 7500square ft  dream house with a telehandler and one or two helpers.

 »cleared snow for a condo complex as a contractor.

 »conducted the following landscaping services as a contractor-

-built wood beam as well as Sienna stone retaining walls.

-installed, chain link and vinyl fence.

-installed sod.

-fixed final grade.

-placed washed rock, and wood chips.

-laid sidewalk blocks and patio stones.

-hired and fired full time and part time employees, and temp workers.

-operated and maintained a telehandeler, stand on loader,  larger and smaller skid steers,  hauling and operating small track hoe.

Park Royal Homes

Jun 2013Apr 2015

As a Faming contractor 

I Framed single and multi family homes with the aid of a telehandeler.

K J Homes [framing company]

Feb 2013 Jun 2013

As a Sub Contractor 

I Framed single family homes.

J N Z Enterprises Inc.

Jun 2004Dec 2013

As an employee 

»I Completed all aspects regarding residential production framing. In and around Edmonton area.

-including Sterling homes, Morrison Homes, and other large customs projects. 

-tasks included driving a telehandeler, and a leadership position.

All Star landscaping Inc.

Apr 2009Nov 2009

As a contractor I installed decks, and fences.

»tasks included, 

-Designing, estimating for and building decks and fences.

-Ordering and hauling lumber, concrete and other materials.

-managing employees and other responsibilities related to running a business.

Charis Framing Inc.

Jan 2005Mar 2009

As Owner operator 

»I subcontracted though K J Homes Inc.( Building single family homes for Park Royal homes Inc.)

»Framed high end basement suites for New View Homes.

»Framed single family homes for Challenger Homes.

»Framed single family homes for Pasetter homes.

»Framed single family homes for Daytona Homes.

A Hanson And Sons inc.

Dec 2008Aug 2008

Was employed as a lead hand framer, as well as a fill in site supervisor.

»I was a lead hand framer in the renovations of commercial buildings. 

-tasked included, tying wood framing into existing steal structures, some concrete form work, steal stud wall repairs, some structural design.

Blair's Constriction Inc.

May 2003 Jun 2004

Employee as Framed/Framers helper.

In the framing of Sterling homes, Bedrock Homes, as well other custom homes.

Tri-Best Builders Inc.

Aug 2002May 2003

Worked as a lead hand framer/ Framer/Framers helper.

»my tasks included.

-laying out walls, snapping lines, framing floor systems, building interior and exterior walls. 

-was also a lead hand over two other framers.

-I also framed roofs under supervision.

K-Rich Inc.

Apr 2002 Aug 2002

Framers helper.

»tasks included.

-hauling lumber, helping lead hand framers, building interior walls, cleaning and organizing the jobsite, as well as other jobs related to framing.

Buddies framers inc.

Nov 2001 Mar 2002

 Framers helper.

»jobs included.

- Hauling lumber, cutting lumber, building interior walls in condo units, assisted in other aspects of framing multi and single family housing.


※Micah Turner


All Star Landscaping Inc.

A[email protected]


※Jeff Lund

Construction manager

Park Royal Homes Inc.

[email protected]


※Jamie Zooke

Owner Operator (production framer)

J n Z Enterprises Inc.

[email protected]


※Kyle Avers

Owner Operator (framing company)

K J Homes Inc.


Character strengths

※I am calm and collected. ※I work well with others and correspond well with superintendents and other management.※l Take pride in my work.※I'm Dependable.※I have a history of compliments from building inspectors.

Business advantages

※We have two million in liability insurance.※We have a telehandeler with attachments.※We have no debt, and are in good standing with CRA and WCB.


I hereby declare that all the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge.

Date: Jan 31 2017

Place: Edmonton, AB