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Work experience

Sep 1992Dec 2012

Owner / Operator Retail and Online store

Upon purchasing the business i set about transforming it into a larger store with greater range of products. Rentals were phased out . Products lines expanded to include Cd's, Dvd's, Games and Vinyl records.

The business grew rapidly and a 2nd store in North Sydney was opened in 1995.

In 1996 i took the store online, opening what was arguably Australia's first e-commerce site in this space. 

In 1997 the online offering expanded to include an eBay store which quickly added 20%+ to revenue.

As the e-commerce side of the business grew i added additional sales channels which now included:

  • GEMM (The Global Electronic music marketplace)
  • My company branded website

In 2004 online sales had grown to 50% of all revenues. The 2nd retail store was sold that same year in order to concentrate on this channel and the primary store.

In 2006 revenues in the retail store began to be impacted by downloading of music via the internet, however online sales remained steady.

In 2008 the bricks and mortar store was closed and the business continued in an online capacity only, where it ran until December 2012.

Digital CD Rentals

Mar 1991Sep 1992

Store Manager

Employed as a manager of a very small music store that initially only rented Compact Discs to customers, operating primarily as a music equivalent of a video rental business.

The owner of the business lived overseas and entrusted me with complete management of the business, from ordering and maintaining stock to payment of all bills and of course operating the store on a day to day basis.

After several months i identified (what i perceived to be) a better way to grow revenues going forward. I felt that the rental of pre-recorded music media was a limited avenue that lacked substantial growth opportunities.

To grow revenues i moved into buying and selling of pre-owned CD's and new music merchandise. I also did this in my time away from the store at markets and music fairs.

18 months after starting this job and having accumulated sufficient capital i offered to purchase the store from the owner and he agreed.

Upon purchasing the store i...

  • phased out the rental side of the business,
  • moved to a larger premises and
  • expanded the products offering.
  • changed the name of the business

Rivkin and Co Stockbrokers

Mar 1990Mar 1991

Office Clerk

At Rivkin and Co. i was employed as an office junior.

My initial role was to deliver brokers trade orders from our firm to other brokerage houses within the city before the close of trade.

After several month of working (for all intents and purposes) as a courier, i was promoted to a new role reconciling brokers trades.

I continued in this role for the remaining time at the firm before resigning after approximately 12 months. 

Mar 1989Feb 1990

Watchmaker Service and Quality Control inspection

After completing high school in 1988, i was employed by Seiko Australia as a service clerk.

After only a few weeks i was moved to a role assisting the general manger Mr. Karl Hammersley with statistical analysis of service reports..

A few weeks into this role i was offered to opportunity to earn additional income performing contact servicing on digital watches. After showing an aptitude for wrist watch servicing i was eventually offered the role of Quality Control Manager of the entire service department. Overseeing the work of career watchmakers.

After 12 months in this role i was then offered the opportunity to move from Sydney to Western Australia to run the service office in Perth.

I declined the offer and resigned from the job shortly afterwards to take up a position with Sydney based Stock brokers Rivkin and Company. 


Jan 1983Dec 1988

HSC Certificate

I completed high school in 1988 and was issued with a Higher School Certificate, scoring 355 of a possible 500. Subjects taken  in the final year of high school were







Extra curricular activities were all of a sporting nature and included

Australian Rules Football (AFL), Rugby, Surfing and Basketball


Technical Analysys of Financial Markets
During the twilight years of my online business i set about teaching myself about trading financial markets. I have spent the last 7 years trading (5 part time and 2 full time). Devouring hundreds of books ,making thousands of trades, attending seminars and learning every aspect in this field. The first 5 years I spent at least 3 hours per day studying charts. This has grown to around 10 hours per day in front of the screens where i analyse over 1000 charts per day. Areas of expertise are 1. Candlestick charting 2. Money/risk management and position sizing 3. Market psychology 4. Elliott Wave analysis 5. Portfolio Construction