Daniel Smith

Student/Renowned Sandwich Artist




When dealing with customers or Co Workers, I'm very polite and cordial 


I hardly lack focus in most fields I've been involved in

Quick Learner

Very easily can get into the groove of the way things go in many workplaces

Hard Working

Most of my superiors at my places of employment thought of me as a hard worker

Work experience

Work experience

Sandwich Artist 

Nov 2014 - Present

This job laregly consisted of me working with my other team members to craft sandwiches and provide excellent customer service while maintaining a laid back workplace with everyone having a clear set of tasks for each shift

Volunteer Work

Feb 2011 - Present

Most of my volunteer work consisted of my working with other individuals in prepping food for church events, and setting rooms for events. In a lesser amount I've had experience with construction (mostly laying construction).



High School

Sep 2010 - Jun 2014
North High School

The High School I attended


Sep 2014 - Present
Hamline University

In progress of completing a bachelors degree; currently undecided on a major