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I'm a Full-stack Dev with around 4 years of experience in the field. I'm a dedicated and compromised person who loves software development and like to be involved as much as possible in every part of the software development lifecycle because everything will be faster/better when you involve deeply into the project that you are doing.

My short-term goal is to secure a stable position in a company that has great ethical values and that is compromised on developing quality software, that will allow me to keep growing and challenge me to be better every day.

For now, due to my legal status in the country (USA), I'm seeking for Remote, Freelance or US Visa sponsor contracts related to my field although i can consider other types of contracts available if necessary



Ingeniería en informática - Computer Engineering - Engineer’s Degree

Universidad Católica Andres Bello

Thesis pending. All subjects finished, career end letter can be obtained if necessary.

Work experience


Senior PHP Developer - Remote - Freelance

Bandit the most wanted talent
  • Maintain primary web app

Ssr Full-Stack Developer

Sigis Soluciones integrales GIS, Caracas , VE
  • Maintain, improve, design and develop mobile apps, web apps and REST Web Services.
  • Improve RabbitMQ Consumers Part of Libraries Committee that manages all the tools used by the company (For example one of the jobs done was an OAuth2.0 centralized server using NodeJS)
  • Part of Standards Committee that manages all rules and set of technologies used by the company (For example research and determine what GIT flow should be used)
  • Time estimations for solving tickets (ISSUES) and user stories (On Scrum projects) Training course on mobile technologies used for one client


Junior Software Developer

Siete 27/ Codimatix Technologies, Caracas, Venezuela
  • Maintain, improve, design and develop web apps and REST Web Services.