Marketing Assistant

Stanley International Betting
I'm responsible with the development of the company's website, content and graphic design. I also manage the Social Media accounts, especially Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. I regularly report KPI and ROI of our PR projects. On the design part, I'm also responsible with the weekly magazine graphic design, front cover and content ads, the magazine runs at a 14.000 editions/week. On the retail part, I make de design drafts and final renders for the shops that have a higher importance. The most known location I've design for, is located in the Old City Center of Bucharest, Hanul cu Tei Beerhouse. My most successful project was the Millionaire betting offer revival, where I've accomplished an increase of 35% product awareness and a 25% increase in product sales. The project that I'm most proud of, is the new marketing and communication strategy in the online media, that is based on a video content made by clients for the clients.