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Quality emphasized health educator who accepts complex assignments, meet tight deadlines and delivers superior performance. Possesses knowledge in planning, developing, evaluating, and implementing health education programs. Applies strong theoretical concepts and analytical skills to inform individuals and target population groups to modify behavior. Strive for health promotion and risk reduction for target groups and individuals. Operates with a strong sense of urgency to achieve goals and timelines of education program. Thrives in the ability to adapt.

Core competencies:
Community Health Statistics, Theoretical Concepts, Curriculum Development, Community Health Education, Health Promotion Risk Reduction and Project Management.

Work experience

July 2016Present

Operations Manager - Public Health Division (PHD)

AIDS Healthcare Foundation 

  • Fulfills administrative duties for Los Angeles Public Health Division Management Team.
  • Provides programmatic duties for the Los Angeles Public Health Division Management Team.
  • Management of programmatic, administrative and operational quality assurance processes, procedures and standards.
  • Manages the daily office operations of Public Health Division.
  • Manages building administration, maintenance and facilities.
  • Coordinates with PHD Finance for the collection and review of payroll and financial documentation and reporting for entire United States.
  • Management of HIPPA and OSHA compliance with PHD. 
  • Primary liaison to AHF Public Health Division, AHF affiliates and partnerships. 
  • Collaborate with AHF Finance to provide appropriate recommendations and conclusions toward management of condom distribution and donation services.
  • Manages and coordinates monthly PHD Meetings
  • Manage the maintenance of on and off-site HIV/STI test kit and condom storage facilities according to federal and county health regulations.
  • Management of PHD inventory, including condoms and test kits ensuring the maintenance of accurate inventory records.
  • Submits accurate PHD inventory reporting.
  • Management of large volume and bulk deliveries of test kits and condoms. 
  • Management in maintaining accurate records of shipping and shipping documents.
  • Management of stock of supplies at PHD Sites, including office, cleaning, marketing, medical and testing supplies and assists in the submission of monthly supply requests to PHD Operations.
  • Management of the order fulfillment of supply requests, including condoms and test kits, to PHD/AHF locations and AHF Partners.
  • Develop and negotiate AHF Public Health Division ancillary and 3rd party vendor service agreements.
  • Collaborate with AHF Finance in proper payroll processes including confirmation of timesheets, overtime authorizations, reimbursement and per diems check requests. 
  • Analyze PHD functionality and legal methodology.
  • Review and negotiate with DHSP grant purpose, function, financial obligation and ethical appropriateness. 
  • Management of the deliveries of supplies within LA Metro areas and coordinates the distribution of shipments throughout the US. 
  • Management in ensuring cost containment in the purchasing of supplies for PHD Sites through price comparisons of third-party vendors.
  • Assists in providing coverage for HIV Testing Counselor services when necessary. Can administer rapid HIV tests utilizing finger-stick whole blood, provide health education and individual risk reduction counseling sessions and adhere to linkage protocol and policies.
  • Management of PHD’s digital system and relevant applications.
  • Responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of records relating to clients’ personal information and status as a client.
  • Manages and coordinates with the reporting and submission processes of PHD testing data for AHF and Jurisdictional purposes.
  • Follows quality assurance policies and performs quality controls to ensure the integrity of PHD data reporting.
  • Manages staff credentialing and coordinating staff trainings.
  • Management of transfers and handles all HIV & STI specimens to Laboratories as necessary. Coordinates with PHD Teams for the timely and accurate transport of specimens according to federal, state and local health regulations.
  • Manages the maintenance of vehicles and equipment for the Mobile Testing Program
  • Determine compliance with legal requirements in the state of California and requirements to fulfill DHSP grant needs.
  • Meet with contracts liaison to discuss policies, strategic goals and objectives for DHSP fulfillment. 
  • Coordinate and implement the quality assurance processes.
  • Coordinate and implements services and requests within AHF infrastructure.
  • Develop and maintain systems and procedures pertaining to AHF standards, OSHA, and HIPPA.
Aug 2015July 2016

Quality Outcomes Specialist

AIDS Healthcare Foundation 
  • Implement AHF goals and objectives through quality based practice. 
  • Provide expertise on AHF related topics from incoming calls. 
  • Assist AHF in recognizing areas of patient needs based on adherence reporting.
  • Provide outstanding customer service to patients.
  • Respond to incoming calls with a positive attitude to help patients with their inquiry or complaint.
  • Respond to complains in calm and appropriate manner and document interaction via Access. 
  • Analyze and monitor the "35 Day Report" to ensure patients who missed their refills get back into care.
  • Prepares presentations and reports for management by incorporating data from Microsoft Access.
  • Conduct quality analysis to support Quality Assurance Specialist and management.
  • Perform any additional duties assigned.
  • Participate in community activities that promote the Mission of AHF, AHF Pharmacy and all operating entities of AHF.
Apr 2014Aug 2015

Certified Pharmacy Technician

AIDS Healthcare Foundation
  • Assist the pharmacist in dispensing medications by counting or pouring pharmaceuticals into  container.
  • Affix label onto completed medication container.
  • Place container into appropriate medication vicinity for pharmacist review.
  • Maintains pharmacy inventory.
  • Assist in pharmacy shipping process via delivery, mail, or Fed-ex.
Jul 2007Apr 2014

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Carson Pharmacy
  • Process incoming prescriptions/e-scripts by determining drug name, dosage, quantity and strength.
  • Assist the pharmacist in dispensing medications by counting, pouring, or mixing pharmaceuticals into  container.
  • Affix label onto completed medication container.
  • Place container into appropriate medication vicinity for pharmacist review.
  • Place container into appropriate medication shelf. 
  • Analyze and decipher incoming prescriptions/e-scripts.
  • Maintains pharmacy inventory.
  • Maintains a safe and clean pharmacy by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Handle cash transactions via Western Union, Money Order, and Pharmacy Purchases
  • Support pharmacist in filling medications.
  • Call insurance companies in assisting with card errors, vacation supply request.
  • Submit TAR applications to MediCal.
Jan 2013April 2014


Community Alliance Network
  • Determine community needs for smoking cessation program/policy through investigation of existing data.
  • Evaluate existing data and determine appropriate material for designated target population and individuals. 
  • Establish priorities for the Community Alliance Network and city of Lake Forrest, CA by planning and developing a culturally sensitive smoking cessation program and policy.
  • Contribute in developing and implementing  a culturally sensitive smoking cessation program and policy in Lake Forrest, CA.
  • Assist Community Alliance Network in recognizing needs of a smoking cessation program and policy due to high rates of reported smoking from ongoing field surveys. 
  • Perform field surveys and document activities in workbook with emphasis on confidentiality.
  • Evaluate smoking cessation program by ensuring material is age/culture/literacy appropriate. 
  • Implement smoking cessation program and policy in the city by distributing education materials and asking businesses to adopt policy. 
  • Attends and meets on a monthly basis with Lake Forrest officials and Community Alliance management to discuss ways to improve promoting and implementing program. 
  • Contributed in assessing health program needs with limited resources to maximize efficiency.
  • Remained in contact with key community members to further strengthen community participation. 
  •  Established key members in community and built a strong relationship with local community figures.
  • Health education program fueled by theory and best practices.
  • Evaluate smoking cessation program and policy by meeting objectives and goals of Community Alliance Network.
Jun 2006Sep 2008

Certified Barista

Starbucks Inc.
  • Act with integrity, honesty and knowledge that promote the culture, values and mission of Starbucks.
  • Assist with new partner training with positive reinforcement.
  • Follows Starbucks operational policies and procedures.
  • Maintain a clean and organized work space so that partners can locate resources and product as needed.
Jun 2004Jun 2006

Volunteer (Seasonal)

Harbor UCLA Medical Center
  • Respond to incoming calls. 
  • Provide guidance and walk through for patients in hospital.  
  • Provide assistance and additional duties as assigned.
Sep 2002Jun 2006

Community Organizer 

AADAP inc.
  • Conduct community prevention campaigns on alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention.
  • Determines needs of South Bay community by investigating existing data on health needs. 
  • Establish needs of alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) problems by planning and contributing to ATOD education programs of AADAP inc. 
  • Assist City of Carson, CA and AADAP inc. in recognizing needs of community and potential target areas. 
  • Implement ATOD education program and materials in high schools and apartment complexes. 
  • Meet with community leaders (teachers and health professionals), City of Carson, and AADAP management to gain their support in promoting and implementing ATOD education materials and program.  
  • Transmit policy advocacy and mobilization through out the South Bay area. 
  • Provide expertise in ATOD education material and program by collaborating with AADAP community organizers.
  • Participate in volunteer based community coalitions.
  • Meet on a weekly basis for training, planning and leadership development activities.
  • Evaluate ATOD education materials and program by meeting goals and objectives of AADAP inc. 
  • Coordinate volunteer activities by recruiting volunteers from neighboring high schools to promote ATOD programs. 
  • Collaborate to host drug free events and drug prevention campaigns addressing youth issues.
  • Advise community organizer potential planning and implement methods for specific target populations. 


Aug 2013Dec 2015

Masters of Science, Public Health

California State University, Long Beach

Advanced Principles of Epidemiology, Advanced Community Health Statistics, Theoretical Concepts and Issues in Health Science, Curriculum Development and Education, Advanced Community Health Education, Advanced Health Promotion Risk Reduction.

Aug 2006May 2013

Bachelors of Science, Community Health Education

California State University, Long Beach


President of Health Science Student Association 

Projects includes:

  • Donations & Fundraising (2012-2013):
  • Sales of first aid kits (about $2000 funds raised and HSSA kept 30%)
  • Equal Exchange catalog (about $800 funds raised and HSSA kept 30%)
  • Sparks of Love Toy Drive 2012

Event/Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Paul Rudd Beach Clean-up, Seal Beach, CA
  • Heart Walk 2012, Long Beach, CA
  • AIDS Walk 2012 Los Angeles, CA
  • Walk In No Shoes 2013, Los Angeles, CA
  • Festival of Colors 2013 Norwalk, CA
  • Alzheimer’s Walk 2012 & 2013 Irvine, CA
  • March of Dimes 2012 Newport Beach, CA
  • Health Fair 2012 Long Beach, CA
  • Health & Safety Fair 2013 Long Beach, CA
  • Best Buddies Friendship Walk 2013 Long Beach, CA
  • CSULB Social Mixer 2012 & 2013 Long Beach, CA



  • Proficient in Tagalog (speak and read)


  • SPSS
  • Minitab
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Calendar
  • Microsoft Access


Toni Espinoza-Ferrel, MPH Coordinator



Phillip Chung, Regional Director of Pharmacy Operations


19300 S Hamilton Ave Gardena, CA 90248


Stanley Chun, Pharmacist


21720 S. Vermont Ave Torrance, CA 90502