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Aug 2013Dec 2015

Bachelor's Degree

California State University, Chico

Degree in Child Development

GPA: 3.1


Aug 2015Dec 2015

Student Staff

California State University, Chico Child Development Lab

- Confident and passionate when working with toddlers.

- One of the teachers in the classroom that demonstrates care to children with and without disabilities.

- Works effectively one on one and in groups with toddlers.

- Provide basic needs to toddlers such as meals and personal care.

Jan 2014May 2014

Supervised Fieldwork

California State University, Chico Child Development Lab

- Developed relationships with the children while still being a positive role model.

- Attended one on one meetings with another teacher to convert back and forth about what new curriculum could be implemented in the classroom.

Jan 2015May 2015

Supervised Practicum

California State University, Chico Child Development Lab

- Planned activities outdoors to help children use their large muscles and motor skills.

- Practiced an evacuation plan for when a natural disaster were to start.

- Maintained a safe and clean environment. Tasks included wiping down the toilets and tables and also making sure everything was off the floor so no one stepped on a toy and got injured.

Sep 2015Dec 2015

Supervised Internship

Murphy  Commons, Chico CA

- Provided guest speakers to come in and talk to children about career choices and what they can do when they attend college.

- Attended meetings with my group after the children left to talk about the upcoming week's curriculum.

- Attended meetings with the person in charge of Murphy Commons and spoke to him about how we did each night in this internship and what we could improve.


Aug 2015Aug 2015

CPR and First Aid Certified


Student Learning Objectives, Professional Responses, and Leadership Training Responses