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Hello, Welcome to my ePortfolio. It conatins my resume, cover letter, and a variety of accomplishments. I hope you will find it satisfactory. I am a person who loves to work hard, and enjoy serving the community.

Mission, Vision and Values


Through my carrer I hope to change the lives of everyone around me. Over my years of service, I want to be able to have personal relationships with people, whom I meet on the job.


In the future community I am in, I hope to be acitive by organizing sports for the neighbourhood kids, and learn better ways to communicate with everyone.


If everyone helps out in their community, the entire city would be safe and clean. I hope to go one step higher and make the community crime free. To leave an impact regarding safety, would be an honor I hope to achieve.


Short Term

I would like to finnish my diploma and possibly a degree in Criminal Justice.

I want to visit Poland to see family I have never met.

I would like to be applying to multiple police agencies. 

Long Term

I would like to buy a house in Saskatchewan.

I want to be married and with children.

I want a permanent job at a police agency.

Cover Letter and Resume

                          Cover Letter                                                           Resume


Highschool Diploma

Michael A. Riffel Highschool

Knowledge Learned

Won Football Provincials in 2011

Learned Values, and to work as a team

Work hard until the task is done

Jan 2015Dec 2016

Criminal Justice Policing Diploma

Lethbridge College

Convicate in April 2017

Knowledge Learned

Able to understand laws and how they are made

Can sucsessfully run the PEAR test

Identify what a police officer goes through everyday

Work History

May 2014Aug 2015

Skilled Laborer

City of Regina Parks Department

Knowledge Learned

How to safely lift heavy objects

How to deal with angry people

Problem Solving

Jul 2013Sep 2013


Clancy's Meat Co

Knowledge Learned

Communication Skills

Able to act quick while completing tasks

Complete tedious work without complaining

Volunteer Experience

Regina Food Bank- Sorted food for the Thanksgiving food drive in 2012

Coaching Youth Flag Football- I coached the summer of 2015 and planning to coach the 2016 summer

Reffing Youth Flag Football- I Reffed the summer of 2013 and 2014


Can Understand the Polish Language

I can speak some polish, along with some understanding of the language.This can be a useful tool in the future.

Physically fit

I am able to run for a long period of time without feeling too fatigued. Physical fitness is important to me; I enjoy playing football, soccer and hockey. 

Calming Down a situation

If there is a situation, I have a calming voice to resolve the issue without anyone getting hurt. I am often the mediater in conflicts and they have always ended peacefully.

Public Speaking

Being able to speak clearly infront of people is a hard skill to have. I delt with people in all my past jobs and I feel there is nothing i can not handle.

Problem Solving

When I am stuck on a problem, I can keep calm and think of a solution within a short period of time.



People are able to look up to me, and I will guide them in the right direction.


I have never taken a sick day; I am passonite about my work and do not like to let anyone down.

Sense of humour

I enjoy making people laugh/, it is something i always enjoyed doing. Being able to laugh is an important attribute to have in law enforcment.


I am able to work confidently alone; when I am alone, there is nothing to hold me from completing my tasks.


I have always been a very positive person; I look forward to people being effected my positive attitude.



 Doug Locomski
 Supervisor of the City of Regina Parks
 (306) 560 7621

 Fred Thorp
 Owner of Clancy’s Meats Regina Location
 (306) 546 8640

 John Shaw
 Forman of the City of Regina Parks
(306) 580 3988