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Work History

Four Life Sciences

Feb 2016Oct 2016

Recruitment Consultant

I worked as a recruiter for Four Life Sciences; a start-up recruitment company specialized in mediating professionals in The Netherlands with a background in the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Four Life Sciences is part of Ambitious People Group.

LMH Engineering

Oct 2015Jan 2016

Recruitment Consultant

I worked as a recruiter for the Belgian branch of LMH Engineering. LMH Engineering is a recruitment company based in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. The company specializes in mediating Electrical, Mechanical & Sales Engineers in the Industry, Maritime and Oil & Gas sector.

LMH Engineering is part of Ambitious People Group.


Feb 2015Jun 2015

Graduate Student

I wrote a thesis (a marketing plan) for Helloprint B.V., a Rotterdam-based company specialized in selling print online. In my marketing plan I described how Helloprint could  sell more print online in Spain. Thesis grade : 8,0

Feb 2014Aug 2014


Fundraising for NGOs like Unicef, Hartstichting, Hersenstichting and the Red Cross, with one of Holland's biggest marketing company!

Sep 2013Feb 2014

Marketing Intern

I was responsible for completing different marketing tasks and helping with the product support. I wrote a social media strategy for LoungeUp in Paris, in order to set up clear guidelines and improve the company's performance on different social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+).

My internship was evaluated by both LoungeUp and Rotterdam Business School. Internship grade: 8,0

Feb 2012Aug 2012

Sales Employee

I worked 6 months full-time as a sales employee. Focus and training in marketing, sales and the knowledge about the Jack & Jones brand and products.


Sep 2012Jul 2015

Bachelor's degree

Fast-track route of the bachelor course IBL (International Business & Languages).  

Grade average: 7,8

Spent two semesters abroad: a 6-month internship in Paris (at LoungeUp) in 2013 and a 5-month exchange in São Paulo (at PUC-SP)

Sep 2005May 2011

High school degree

Courses: English, Dutch, German, French, mathmatics, geography, economy, history, art history


Foreign Languages
Dutch (native), Portuguese (native), English (fluent), French (professional level), Spanish (professional level)
Cross Cultural Management
I am used to deal with people from different cultural backgrounds. I am also used to speak several different languages on the workfloor.
Microsoft Office
I know how to work with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.
International Business

During my course I have been taught the different skills that are required for companies that are doing business on an international scale. Also my experiences abroad (France and Brazil) have contributed to my knowledge in this field.

Cloud Applications
Used to using cloud application such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc.
Product Marketing

I know the 7P's and know how to apply them in practice. The 7P's stand for product, pricing, place, promotion, physical environment, process and people.

Importing and exporting business
I am used to do group projects for companies that import and export several goods to countries all over the world.

Communicating with different departments within the same company.

Team work

Working in teams to accomplish group projects or achieve specific results is something that I have been doing for the past 7 years.

Business Economics
Business Economics is concerned with economic issues and problems related to business organization, management, and strategy. Issues and problems include: an explanation of why firms emerge and exist; why they expand: horizontally, vertically and spacially; the role of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship; the significance of organizational structure; the relationship of firms with the employees, the providers of capital, the customers, the government; the interactions between firms and the business environment.
Marketing & sales

Marketing and sales are two fields in which I am both interested and experienced.

Driving License

I own a driving license.


Jeffrey Tewelde, Manager at Four Life Sciences

Jeffrey was my Manager at Four Life Sciences. I worked closely with him on a daily basis. Each week we would analyze the results of the previous week and see what could be improved.

Milan 't Hoen, Manager at LMH Engineering

Milan was my Manager at LMH Engineering. He taught me the basics of recruitment. We worked closely on a daily basis. Each week we would analyze how certain KPI's could be improved.

Rick Molenaar, Marketing Manager at Helloprint

Rick is the Marketing Manager of Helloprint. He is responsible for all marketing activities in the Benelux, Spain and the UK. As my company thesis supervisor I worked closely with Rick on my marketing strategy for the Spanish printing market.

Dave Combee, Region Manager Rotterdam at Direct Result Marketing

Dave is the Region Manager of Rotterdam. He was my supervisor when I worked at Direct Result Marketing. 

Cristina Pinto de Mello, Professor at PUC-SP

Cristina was my professor for the "Economy and Development in Brazil" course. I completed her course with an 9.4 out of 10.

Mathieu Pollet, CEO of LoungeUp

Mathieu is the founder and CEO of LoungeUp. He was my supervisor during my internship at LoungeUp in Paris.