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Work experience

Feb 2014Present

Career Services Team Leader

Everest University
  • Develops and implements marketing plans to achieve graduate employment goals.
  • Maintains presentation skills certification.
  • Organizes and sets the Career Services goal for graduates
  • development of the Graduates soft skills and interview  preparation
  • Builds and maintains relationships with local and regional corporations and organizations.
  • Developed and maintained systems used to identify employment opportunities for graduates.
  • Assisted graduates in securing employment in their field of study.
  • Provided career coaching and interview techniques through seminars and workshops.
  • Maintained department compliance with government and accreditation regulations.
  • Managed quality surveys with employers who interviewed graduates
Mar 2013Feb 2014

Admissions Representative

Florida Career College
  • Continually meet or exceed all admissions objectives as determined by management;
  • Developed inquiries by matching their needs with the programs taught and encourage them to visit the campus; follow-up on all leads, new and old;
  • Minimum of 4-5 hours on the phone or in interviews each day speaking with potential students about school
  • Interviewed prospective students seeking acceptance into one of the programs offered. set-up appointments for and conduct interviews with all prospects, accompanied by a complete tour of the training facility;
  • Provided guidance and assistance to new students through the registration and admission process;
  • Presented all information about the school, the programs, and the careers of interest accurately and honestly
Aug 2005Nov 2012

Pacesetter Personnel Service

Florida Career College
  • Implement cost effective sourcing strategies for identifying high quality talent in response to staffing at all levels
  • Build and sustain a network of potential applicants
  • Qualify existing profiles to ensure they accurately describe selection requirements
  • Maintain all statistical data associated with the recruitment of open positions ensuring timely and accurate information processing
  • Conduct the interview and selection process, partnering with the client and other interviewers to define interview strategy and frame offer packages
  • Actively participate in the feedback sessions and performance evaluations of the employees.
  • Manage and ensures that matters related to finance and transactions are within my supervision.
  • Manage and utilize the funds and expenditures of the various operations carried out by the firm. Implement financial tools and resources available to the firm and chalk out a plan that effectively meets the requirements of the projects.
  • Liaison between the management and the employees/staff.
Jan 2008Jul 2010

Senior Project Manager

Flood Brothers Florida Career College
  • Establishing and maintaining the project budget and schedule.
  • Issuing Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) to qualified design consultants (architect, engineers, etc.), general contractor and other prime contractors/vendors for each relocation project.
  • Reviewing proposals and making recommendations to client as well as negotiating all contracts.
  • Initiating internal plan reviews/comments, Owner/Client design approvals and in coordinating municipal permit process and other approvals.
  • Enforcing Owner/Client performance and quality standards.
  • Coordinating any design and installation changes and approvals during the project.
  • Overseeing project construction progress and quality.
  • Participation in construction owner, architect, and contractor (OAC) meetings, including preparation of meeting notes as necessary.


Jul 2014Present

• Mobile Recruiting Mastered

Airs Certification

  • Learn how to develop a mobile recruitment strategy, and how lessons learned from mobile marketing campaigns can help benefit recruitment plans.

  • Understand the key concepts of mobile technology in order to better navigate through the recruiting and marketing territory and help leverage mobile resources for effective recruiting efforts.

  • Explore tools and sites that can be used to help augment an effective mobile recruiting program.

  • Learn about the best mobile apps and resources for locating and communicating with candidates.

Nov 2014Present

• Ahead of the Rest the Latest and Greatest Internet Sourcing Trends

Airs Certification
  • Learn how to use a multitude of search engines including real-time, meta, people, vertical and others.

  • Discover unique and niche specific sourcing tools

  • Evaluate browser extensions

  • Find out how to get the most out of custom search engines, mobile tagging and cloud based recruiting tools to help improve time management and sourcing results
Aug 2014Present

Best in Class Websites to Attract and Find Passive Candidates

Airs Certification
  • Harnessing the latest trends in social media in your recruitment strategy

  • Making the latest changes at Google, Twitter, Facebook and other sites work for you

  • Leveraging mobile recruiting tools

  • Cloud recruiting best practices

  • Useful advice for contacting and effectively communicating with candidates
Nov 2014Present

• Out of the Box Sourcing and Recruiting Ideas

Airs Certification

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Is that your current sourcing strategy? Do you need a push to be more creative in your research tactics? This session will cover unusual, but effective sourcing channels to find and communicate with great candidates. What you'll learn: Implementing conference calls for candidates, how to send interactive multi-media job descriptions,creating a pop-up chat option when candidates apply to positions, how to send a video email,useful GIP. programs, and going beyond standard reference checks.

Apr 2014Dec 2015

Business Management

Everest University

Master of Business Administration Program
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to enhance the individual's effectiveness in business and industry in the areas of accounting, economics, management, and marketing.

As a result of the changing and constantly evolving world of business, the graduate program emphasizes students’ initiative, independence, critical thinking, and responsibility so that they may gain the heightened self-discipline, skill, and reasoning necessary to become valued leaders in the community.

Master of Business Administration Class Training
The MBA program includes a study of:

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Business Research
  • Management Information Systems
  • Managerial Ethics
  • Financial Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Policy and Strategy
Jul 2014Jul 2014

• Search Lab 12.

Airs Certification

  • How to master Boolean operators, modifiers, search characters and field search commands to effectively develop any candidate search
  • How to successfully analyze requisitions and identify the crucial and sometimes subtle keywords that can enhance search results
  • How to evaluate the key elements of a PowerSearch string and how to build targeted candidate searches
  • Smart strategies to master the use of XRay and FlipSearch, the true power tools of search, to source the web
  • New ways to utilize websites and directories that produce resources for targeting both competitors and organizations
  • How to leverage social media to create a pipeline of passive candidates


 Technological Skills

Mastered Technological Programs

Technology Snapshot: Docusign, Salesforce, Seibel, MS Office, MS Dynamics, NetSuite, and MS SharePoint. Expertise in customer relationship management (CRM), mobile sales force automation (SFA), business analytics (BA), business intelligence (BI), and performance management (PM) software (CV) Campusview (TS) Talisma CRM platform.

Professional Backgrond

After contributing to the growth and success in Career Services this past year, I am seeking new challenges within this Field. I am an individual with exceptional planning, leadership, and management abilities. Taking command of any operation or project, then guiding it to new performance levels, is my greatest strength.

As evidenced in the enclosed resume my experience encompasses project management, strategic planning, resource utilization, revenue growth, and cost reduction. My ability to analyze needs and create unique solutions designed to yield a positive and efficient outcome has proven to be one of my greatest assets. Credited with significantly impacting bottom-line profitability wherever I have worked, I excel at streamlining less-than-efficient procedures to boost productivity and sales. Proactive management of crucial external relationships allowed me to increase graduate placements this year.

I know that my proven leadership skills, strong commitment to high ethical and professional standards, and flexibility in devising proactive responses to changing socioeconomic conditions would allow me to make a significant contribution to the Management Team.  I would welcome the chance to discuss my qualifications in greater detail. .