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This is a strange thing to do, usually I'm writing about others. You can call me Daniel, I'm the kind of person who buys someone a Boost if they say they've never had one. The hard-working and crazy punctual guy who goes out of his way to help others. I do my best and am super motivated and excited to do better. I want to win, and I want to help others win with me. Life, like games, is better as a Team Sport. 

Work experience

April 2017Present

Junior Designer

Freak Fandango

Freak Fandango gave me an opportunity to work on games from a development role! This was an exciting and incredibly rewarding experience. I took part in a lot of creation for our free-to-play mobile game Heavenstrike Rivals. This game featured hundreds of character units and I created dozens of skills for these, ensuring that the games balance was kept in check as well as attracting new players and pleasing our current ones. A lot of my time was spent keeping players up to speed with what is active in the game through News Posts and creating in game content using our CMS data structure! 

Whilst working at Freak Fandango: 

  • I learned what it was like to work in a Developmental Role, working within feet of Animators, Coders, Artists and Producers. 
  • This allowed me a breadth of experience and showed me the practicality of working with several different disciplines.
  • Even more importantly this taught me to consider the time and cost when implementing Design Choices.
  • Showed me that whilst balancing a game can be difficult, it can also be extremely rewarding. 
  • I worked on Live Operations as our game was already live during my time there. 
  • I had fun working on proposal documents for newer systems within the game, conceptualising ways to improve the game felt good and discussing it with my Lead was heavily rewarding.
  • Looked into competitors and produced a heavily researched Analysis comparing the costs between games similar to our own and attempting to divine ways in which we can improve on the competition! 
  • Wrote several news posts in order to advertise in game content, this was a lot of fun and allowed me to stretch my legs in creative writing! 
  • Made mistakes, but learned from them. In an environment like this I had a lot of chances to grow and learn new processes. 
  • Worked on a major improvement to the game, this involved learning whole new ways of working, such as using our games Code and Adobe Illustrator. 
  • Discussed and implementing balance changes, working back and forth with my Lead Designer and ensuring Skills are not only fun but kept in balance.  
  • Made a lot of puns, had a lot of laughs, and made a lot of Quiches. 


Jan 2014April 2017

Games Tester

Rockstar Games

I tested games for a living! Working at Rockstar was a growing and humbling experience for me. Before I started I saw it as a stepping stone into the industry, but it's so much more than that. At Rockstar I became a leader, I became a trusted staff member, I became a Role Model and I also achieved the highest bug count numerous times in my own team. At Rockstar I became even hungrier for success, and I understood the meaning of having a solid team of people around you from all over the country, all over the world and from numerous different and amazing backgrounds.

Whilst working at Rockstar:

  • I wrote accurate & comprehensive bug reports.
  • Exercised and showed excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Put together excel sheets, word documents and prepared OneNote pages in order to help other employees in the form of wiki sheets and information areas.
  • Communicated with other studios all over the world.
  • Became a Leader, teaching staff on a one-to-one basis and leading tasks in game. 
  • Adapted to new ways of doing things quickly, learned a lot of different software and picked up techniques and learned new methods for doing my job as efficiently as possible. 
  • Managed our workflow, retrieving builds from our servers and then utilising our in-house software to access and test with them.
  • Evaluated gameplay and provided constructive feedback to design in order to improve the quality of the overall product. 
  • Helped develop in-house software to improve the working experience of everyone that works for the company. 
  • Worked flexible hours, with overtime to meet the needs of the company when asked to. 
  • Developed a strong, loyal attitude with a great work ethic and a can-do 'let's do it!' attitude. 
  • Hosted a Charity Smash Bros Tournament for Alzheimer's Support where we raised over a £100!
  • Worked in a team and made a lot of friends.



BA/BSc Honours English Literature: 2:1 - 2013

University of Lincoln

Analyzing Texts and producing an essay using the original source as well as outside references such as academic journals or books with contextual knowledge of the time in question. Aside from the classics we studied Life Writing, American Studies (where I got a First talking about Censorship and South Park), Sci-fi & Fantasy Literature as well as my personal favourite, Creative Writing. Not only did I choose to write a short story for my Dissertation but I printed out a novella for my Creative Writing course for which I nailed a first. 


Work Reference

Name:          Charlie Kinloch (MSc)

Job Title:     HR Manager @ Rockstar Games

Address:      Jubilee Building, Station Rd, North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 3QX

Telephone:  01522 668728

Email:           [email protected]

Personal Reference

Name:         Mike Movel 

Job Title:    Studio Head

Telephone:  07834 323427

Email:          [email protected]