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I was an integral part of the inception and foundation of BlackwellKing throughout 2009 and into early 2010.  I returned to BlackwellKing in February 2014.  My passion for the industry and uncanny ability to quickly build strong relationships with the industry leaders allowed me to become extremely well versed in many facets of the Veterinary Specialty Industry.

I became recognized as the “go to”  expert for anyone seeking information on the job market, compensation trends, and the best approach finding your perfect candidate as well as how to be a savvy job seeker in such a niche and ever changing industry.  I was starting point and the trusted source for being able to deliver results in the form of top tier candidates for my clients time and again for my clients. I am a solid results oriented producer with the innate ability to understand subtleties in relationships and through research and insight into all aspects of making a deal happen that would otherwise never be explored I was able to be solely responsible for 89% of the company’s entire revenue during the course of my last full year with BlackwellKing.  The rest of the sales team (consisting of 2 full time and 2 part time employees) combined for a total of 11% of the total production for the last year.  I surpassed the previous highest production for a single employee in the course of one year by almost double.

Work experience

Jun 2009Present


BlackwellKing Veterinary Change Consultants is the premier recruiting and change consulting firm in the industry of specialized veterinary medicine. We implement positive changes for veterinary specialists, emergency clinicians, specialized and emergency technicians, and hospital managers/administrators across the United States and around the world. We are passionate about advancing the veterinary specialty industry and are open to collaboration.



No Degree Obtained.

Troy University

Wide range of studies, with a particular interest in Anthropology and Literature.