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                      My name is Daniel Avalle and my goals for the next four years are to save for college through a job and proceed to get into a college to pursue my career path. Three colleges I would like to attend are UCSC, UCSD, and SDSU. These colleges have a more well developed study program also with all schools who were recommended to me by those who once attended. I have an interest in being an architect because of my fascination in buildings due to my strong passion in for arts. I heavily enjoy crafting things with my hands or seeing a plan being fulfilled and this is because as a child I have always been building things or drawing and being interested in things I could never understand. This need to understand how things work drives me to do everything I can to figure it out. I am the firstborn of 5 children and I am what is known as a Coda kid meaning I am a child with deaf parents, which also means that I am bilingual.


Sep 2012Jun 2016

Valhalla Highschool

1725 Hillsdale Road, El Cajon, CA 90219-2742

GPA: 3.33 

SAT Score: 1420

2012-2013 Grade 09 

Algebra IC-1, Draft, Design 1, Hum 1/Eng 1H, Hum Geo 1H, Physical educ, Science 1C

2013-2014 Grade 10

AP World Hist 1, Art 1, Biology 1C, Hum 2 Lit 1H, Student Aide, Pl&S Geo IC-1

2014-2015 Grade 11

Algebra IIC-1, AP US Hist 1, Chemistry 1C, Eng Lang 1 AP, Honors Music 1, Student Aide

Work experience

Aug 2013Aug 2014

Assistant To a General Contractor

Curt's Contracting

I would work with the general contractor to help him with whatever he needed, such as construction, in home repairs. A few jobs I had done were tiling and flooring rooms with wood. Small home jobs included repairing electrical things and kitchen repairs.


Working With Hands

Im quite skilled in working with my hands. Attention to detail is a specialty or any craftsmanship can be done well.


I draw and design things for enjoyment but when needed I can design logos and other items that are needed. 

Graphic Design

I am somewhat skilled in graphic designs i have created many logos and sold them to those who wanted to use them, as well as created logos for my high school water polo team.

Extra- Curricular

JV- Swim Freshman year, JV water polo Sophomore year, JV Swim Sophomore year, Varsity Water polo Junior year, Varsity Swim Junior year. Named most improved JV- Swim, Named Most inspirational JV Water Polo, JV swim captain sophomore year. Club Water Polo (Norse Polo). I am in the Breakfast club. 

Interests & Community Service

I would volunteer at my Grandmothers elementary school teaching children that are deaf or hard of hearing using speech therapy in order to communicate with the kids or using sign language to also communicate. I would like to coach Water Polo or have interests in becoming an artist or designer.