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Transferable Skills

  •  High level of self-motivation with the aptitude to work under little supervision
  • Works well in teams and good at developing group dynamics; constantly encourages and motivates others to share their thoughts and ideas
  • Experience in project management dealing with small projects
  • Possesses financial skills which consist of analyzing and interpreting data
  • Been through 3 years of Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership Development Camps; ability to efficiently lead and instruct medium-sized groups of people

Work History

Jan 2015Jan 2015

Project Manager/systems Analyst

Clean-Rite Dry Cleaners Corp

Project Manager/Systems Analyst ▪ Helps integrate technology to improve Clean-Rite's business efficiencies ▪ Creates user-requirements of how the user interacts with the information system ▪ Works on expressing system processes through data models(i.e. Data flow diagrams, entity relationship diagrams etc.)

Jan 2015Jan 2015

Canada Revenue Agency Community Tax Program—

Canada Revenue Agency Community Tax Program—

▪ Provided income tax services to the community by helping prepare income tax returns and benefits for those unable to file these returns themselves ▪ Gained the experience of filing T4, T4A, T5, T3 and T2202 A forms ▪ Acquired knowledge about the major income categories, applicable rules associated with calculating net income(for tax purposes), and tax laws

Apr 2013Jan 2015

Student Instructor

Kumon Learning Center

Student Instructor ▪ Ability to adapt to situations and quickly think of alternatives to resolve issues students encounter in their math problem sets ▪ Helps improve clients' school grades ▪ Constantly exercises interpersonal skills when dealing with parents, students, and co,-workers

Sep 2012Jan 2013


Marketing Association-Executive

Student Member ▪ Involved with Business development committee; help companies reach their marketing objectives ▪ Gained practical experience while closely working with business companies ▪ Learned to adapt to working with different people in unfamiliar environment Course Projects ▪ Worked on an organics recycling program for Gladstone Secondary School in my Project Management Course and successfully diverted 30% of the school's organic waste(translates into about 10lbs of waste diverted per day) ▪ Organized my first medium scale fundraiser for St. John Ambulance. With help from the divisional members, we raised $1,300, surpassing our initial goal.(2013)

Jul 2009Sep 2011

Pacific National Exhibition-Candy Attendant

Pacific National Exhibition-Candy Attendant

▪ Acquired cash handling experience and money counting at the end of closing shifts ▪ Exercised hospitality towards customers and fulfilling customer satisfaction ▪ Dealt with customer conflicts in a diplomatic manner


Sep 2011Jan 2015


Simon Fraser University