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I am passionate finance professional with more than nine (9+) years of diversified experience and strong record of leadership and delivery of services in multidimensional and multicultural working environment, combining broad exposure in all aspects of Finance, Accounts and Internal Audit. I hold degree of Masters’ in Commerce (M.Com) and pursuing professional qualifications Licentiate Corporate Secretary (LCS-Inter), Cost and Management Accountant (CMA-Inter) and Certified Public Accountant (CPA-Finalist).


Jan 2015Dec 2016

Licentiate Corporate Secretary

Institute Of Corporate Secretaries Of Pakistan

Corporate & Commercial Laws, Secretarial Practices

Jan 2006Dec 2016

Cost & Management Accountant

Institute Of Cost & Management Accountants Of Pakistan

Cost & Managerial Accounting & Reporting, Financial Accounting & Reporting, Financial Management, Business Taxation

Sep 2003Dec 2005

Masters in Commerce

Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan

Business Finance

Sep 2001Aug 2003

Bachelors Of Sciencces

Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan

Mathematics & Physics

Work experience

June 2016To Date

Manager (Accounting & Finance)


To Consolidate, Analyze, Review & Approve, periodically, proper accounting record of activities of business units of the group relating to Inventories (stock levels, adjustments for shortages, ab/normal losses), Fixed Assets, Lease, Insurance (depreciation, rental schedules), Cash Flow requirement from treasury ensuring adequate funds and avoid overdraft, Reconciliations of all Bank Accounts and Inter Company Cash/Bank & Journal entries for Inventory and incomes & expense accounts, Follow-Up report from credit department on consolidated Aging Report for all A/C Rec & Pay ensuring improved effective credit recovery cycle, Disbursement of the Salaries and Commissions on Sales/Purchases as per approved scale, Staff Advances, Surcharges and Tax Deductions for all expats and local staff.
To Coordinating with Imports / Exports department, vendors, logistics and clearing & government agencies for clearance and delivery of all goods from seller to stores.

To review and approve all necessary schedules regarding Divisional Performance management, Variances, Marginal & Break-Even Reporting with a CVP analysis.
To plan, develop, present & interpret an annual operating & capital Budget with projected financials for all economic activities of the entire group to the management.
To prepare a consolidated Variance Analysis Report and giving recommendations in interpretation of any deviation from standards coupled with other Financial Reports and Horizontal & Vertical Analysis with Working Capital exploration Report.
To review & approve for in time payment of periodic consolidated VAT & PAYEE returns and other corporate taxes & duties avoiding any delay surcharges.
To conduct periodic Internal Financial & Managerial Audit of each unit & reporting assurance & compliance memos ensuring follow-up for all SOPs as per manuals and ISA regarding Assets & Liabilities verification, GAAP Comparatives, IAS, IFRS etc.
To prepare all accounting records and schedules for getting conducted annual External financial, tax & governance Audit and ML compliance to final Audit Report.

To assist the M.D. and B.C. regarding financial and managerial information for planning and implementing Projects & Feasibilities & their deliverables and follow up.

To provide detailed comments regarding Performance Appraisals of sub ordinates.


Oct 2011Apr 2015

Assistant Manager (Finance & Audit)


To finalize the accounts periodically demonstrating solid understanding of GAAP, IAS, IFRS & SOPs after careful verification of trial, adjustments for HO and branches,

To prepare Bank & Creditors/Debtors Reconciliations and Aging Report, Expenses Reimbursement Report, and other Monthly Management Reports to report seniors,

To prepare and follow up for in time approval and incorporation in MIS, the annual budgets (Capital & Operational), reallocation and additions therein for all branches and Area Offices, by communicating all relevant policies for current Financial Year,

To prepare periodically a variance report and cash management report all expenses & incomes, tracking and reconciling profit / loss stating the funds requirements & cost,

Responsible for in time transfer of funds from CZC to PZC & DZCs and their branches and subsequently their disbursement, processing loan requirements and subsequent recovery of charges / loans from branches, observing the bank debt costs,

To approve the payments for all vendors, procurement and operational charges (including withholding taxes & their payments) as needed by the branches,

Preparing & transferring salaries (Payroll) of all branches through bank debit advices after verifying that HR leave record been updated,

To get the prior approvals and release of funds for procurement through quotations or tenders after verification of inventory levels as defined and need & cost estimation,

To verify requisitions, take quotations for procurement; prepare comparative statements, finalizing purchase orders, receiving goods and issuing G.R.N. etc,

To prepare and get published pre-qualification notices, invitation to bids, updating blacklist report on monthly basis followed by preparing all bidding documents and ensuring their availability and dissipation to bidders, evaluating the bids upon tender opening and finalizing the process documentation,

Responsibility to identify and manage risks by highlighting issues with potential solutions, maintaining a liaison between legal and accounts & finance sectors to incorporate the regulatory compliance,

Ensuring compliance with internal (audit methodology and risk management) and external (regulatory) requirements by settling MLs, identifying the staff weak areas.

Coordination and liaison regarding annual appraisals of all branch staff, their transfers & posting, insurance processing and payments, training sessions, assets management, project costing etc.

Oct 2009Apr 2011

Executive (Finance & Accounts)


To monitor Inventory module on daily basis and further verification of reporting data for Sales and respective receipts to HO using Sales Report, Invoice Summary, Stock report and Receivables Report.

To reconcile the inventory data (including opening & closing stock taking and transferred product from host to depots) with host and reconcile further with excise documents and shipping papers.

To process payments details and forward to HO for onward billing and clearance.

To manage inventory that included coordinating with depots for in time and continuous supply of products from different strategic locations within the country.

To monitor receipt (Cash and Bank) vouchers, journal vouchers, Accounts Receivable & Payable Report & Aging, Rebate calculation for certain dealers, Freight billing, Reconciliation statements with schedule and position reports (Bank Accounts / other stakeholders), and other general management reports.

 To perform monthly revenue analysis, including accrued to actual variance analysis and prior period adjustment explanations.

To ensure that results in revenue transaction systems and Excel are timely and accurately reconciled with information in the general ledger and reconciled volumes to the measurements system or outside pipeline statements.

To assist senior executives and Manager F&A in budgeting for Sales, Inventory and location documentation regarding product movement.

To finalize and close accounts on quarterly basis preparing branch financial statements and other customized reports. Further communicating the financial performance as per financial statements analysis to Manager and Group Manager on monthly basis through variance analysis of budgets.

To retain the management record and monitor the performance of the staff by scheduling the shifts.

Aug 2006Sep 2009

Audit Supervisor


To develop the scope for audit and supervise assistants in planning, selecting & developing appropriate audit procedures for approval of Audit Plan.

To ensure that for each audit engagements, a practical budget is established, work is completed and reported in time, as per scope, performances are evaluated, and variances are properly accounted for.

To review and identify risks and ensuring that the same are impediment in the operations and internal control.

To review the documentation outputs from planning to report writing before these are endorsed to Senior Audit Manager for review and approval.

To represent the reliability and integrity of financial operating information and the means used to identify, measure, classify and report such information whenever requested, in opening and closing meetings and other delegated assignments

To perform all field work in a competent and professional manner and to provide evident support for all report recommendations after a Critical review of the procedures adopted by the entities, which may have significant impact on operations.

To give a review regarding the means of safeguarding company’s assets (Lease hold tangible) and verified existence.

To prepare or review draft audit and finalize status memo obliging coherent and concerned legislation, company laws in practice and undertaking obligatory accounting reporting standards IFRS/IAS for presentation to Manager.

To monitor the action plans due for implementation and ensure that items are followed-up where projects are completed,

To assist the Head of Internal Audit and Compliance and Senior Audit Manager in promoting awareness on the role of Internal Control Department to management and employees of the clients

To ensure that the use of Audit Management Tools is maximized to increase efficiency in performing internal audit activities by devising, implementing and monitored effective internal control and prescribing system manual

To demonstrate superior performance through comparisons in all attributes of professional conduct.

To prepare feasibility studies regarding expansion plans.

Major Full Scale Audits Conducted:

Pesticides & Chemicals – Green Crops Ltd, Solex Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Construction & Floorings - First Floor Group, Interwood Floorings.

NGOs & NPOs - JIAAU, Green Life.

Notable Accomplishments

    • As Manager F&A in TAL, I revised JDs & implemented SOPs of internal control for the entire department as per restructured roles, hired relevant staff& followed up with policies for successful coherent implementations.
    • Assisting the Business Controller, I devised work and departmental structure reducing the inter-departmental average work flow delay down to unavoidable 10% using new control papers and devices.
    • Received a “Letter of Appreciation” with a “Bonus” for robust tightening and recovery of credits by introducing new credit policy, preparation and follow up on Aging report and managing effective working capital thereof.
    • Arranged 03 years Tax Clearance for TAL regarding VAT, PAYEE, EOBs etc. after successful dialogue and settlement payments between FIRS & Company directors, thereby clearing a back-lock of three years.
    • As AM (F&A) in PVTC, I achieved 100% compliance to SOP for all branches reducing the MLs down to 10%
    • As AM (F&A) in PVTC, I successfully prepared and implemented a new financial checklist of SOPs for procurement. Further, I was the focal person to implemented PPRA rules 2014 as approved by Govt.
    • As Executive (F&A - Terminal In-charge) in APL, I achieved and sustained the growth of inventory sales & management above 100% with below 5% complaints reported in FY 2010.
    • As Audit supervisor in TFC, I prepared Feasibility Reports of all together new businesses with nearly 90% integration and above 75% diversification taking risk ratio below 10%
    • As Audit Supervisor in TFC, I prepared and implemented all new IT based accounting system for a client (NGO) with more than 11 terminals, and recruited & trained suitable HR for the branches. Also, rectified & prepared new papers, books of accounts & system controls for stock management of a client (Pesticides Co.) with imports & local manufacturing units and recruited & trained suitable HR for the units as well.


Financial & Management Accounting
  • Oversee all Company accounting practices, including managing the accounting department, preparing budgets, financial reports and audit functions as per GAAP, IAS, IFRS and ISA.
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual management reports along with the financial statements and ensure compliance for time frames, thoroughness and consistency.
  • Finalization of accounts and matters relating to statutory requirements with external auditors for smooth outcome of annual audit of Company.
  • Timely data entries, availability of proper supports with checks and balances for taxation (Income & Sales), payroll, inventory and other major heads.
  • Reconciliation of control accounts for Debtors / Creditors / Banks etc.
Auditing & Compliance
  • Preparation and presentation to Audit Committee the monthly, quarterly and annual audit schedule for all departments (Sales, Operations, Production, Procurement, HR etc.), and ensuring the compliance of schedule.
  • Finalization of monthly compliance report and its submission to line manager with comments regarding assessment of consistency to SOPs and risk assurance recommending potential amendments therein.
  • Preparation of annual Reconciliation for Internal & External Audit Report recommending actions to reduce internal control issues.
  • Ensuring compliance with internal (audit methodology and risk management) and external (regulatory) requirements by settling MLs.
  • Maintain a liaison with Legal, Accounts, Finance and Tax departments to incorporate the regulatory compliance.
  • Responsibility to identify and manage risks by highlighting issues with potential solutions.
  • To develop internal control culture by identifying and training the staff for the weakness.
Banking & Treasury Management
  • To build strong personal contacts with banks, leasing companies and financial institutions to get assistance in financial matters to fulfill organizational needs.
  • Manage the treasury function and fund raising through Banks and Leasing Companies at reasonable pricing.
  • Preparation of Management Accounts / Stock report for Bank and keep an eye on loan revolving and markup due.
Cash Flow Management
  • Making arrangements with banks and financial institutions to meet the working capital and long term capital requirements including lease arrangements ensuring adequate liquidity to meet organization’s needs.
  • Weekly review of accounts receivables and discussion with credit and sales department.
  • Oversee the strategy & performance of the invoicing & credit control functions, ensuring active collection techniques & minimal bad debt exposure.
  • Manage financial resources and ensures proper utilization of Group financial resources (CF, WCR, investments)
Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Preparation of monthly expense budget, variance report and cash flow statements and reports for the Management.
  • Preparations of cash forecasts and expense budgets to determine the funds requirements of the organization.
  • Preparation of annual budgets for capital requirements to keep the business targets in line with operations.
Systems & Procedures
  • Design, development and implementation of Financials, Accounting, Costing, Treasury, Internal Control, Admin Operations and Procedures by complying SOPs.
  • Strives for removing bottlenecks in the operation for smooth functioning of the finance department.
  • Development of suitable business MIS to encapsulate all KPIs regarding financial, commercial & operational performance.
Inventory Management & Procurement
  • To maintain a master inventory report of all items of all branches defining inventory levels and update it on weekly basis through stock issue notes & physical verification.
  • To get the prior approvals and release of funds for tender after careful analysis of need and cost estimation with proper specifications followed by strategy recommendations.
  • To verify requisitions, take quotations for procurement; prepare comparative statements, finalizing Purchase Order, receiving goods and issuing GRN etc
  • To prepare and get published pre-qualification notices and invitation to bids for tenders and updating blacklist report on monthly basis followed by preparing all bidding documents and ensuring their availability and dissipation to bidders.
  • To evaluate the bids upon tender opening and awarding the contracts after framing all phases.

Leisures & Interests

  • Stocks, Commodities and Currency pairs trading, Reading Trends & Reports,
  • Teaching Accounting, Finance, Maths & Physics, Travelling for sake of tourism,
  • Playing Badminton and Snooker. Interacting and surfing on social media.

Other Information

  • Syed Danial Ali S/O Syed Majid Ali
  • Birth Date: 15th March, 1982
  • Gender: Male
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Nationality: Pakistani
  • Visa Status: Company CERPEC
  • Availability: On One Month Notice
  • Languages: English & Urdu (Fluent), Arabic (Basic)