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Certifications and Awards


  • Microsoft Access (97-2007)
  • Microsoft Excel (97-2007)
  • Microsoft IE
  • Microsoft Outlook (97-2007)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word (97-2007)
  • VBA Programming
  • Senior Business Analysis
  • HTML
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  • ColdFusion
  • Relational Database
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Dreamweaver
  • JDE Edwards
  • Cognos
  • SQL


  • Navy Commendations and Letters – 14 distinctions (1991-1999)
  • Sailor of the Year Nomination (1996)
  • Judge Advocate General Letter of Outstanding Performance (1999)
  • Service Excellence Award (2001)
  • Service Excellence Recognition (2007)


Information Systems professional with an extensive background in MS Access development,  business and system analysis, programming, and design testing. . Extensive knowledge in healthcare, accounting, and insurance operations Reputation for effective interpersonal, communication, and oral skills.

Proven abilities in clarifying business requirements, analyzing gaps between goals and existing procedures and skill sets, and designing process and system improvements to increase productivity and reduce costs. Work closely with other project areas and business units to satisfy project/productivity requirements. Demonstrated commitment to teamwork through positive contributions, streamlining systems, and improving company-wide productivity.


  • Database Development
  • Troubleshooting/Problem Solving
  • Cross-Functional Technology Team
  • Systems Integration/Programming
  • Systems Documentation
  • Project Development Workflow
  • Data Analysis
  • Script Testing
  • Project/Technical Documentation
  • Quality Control/Assurance
  • Field Support/IT Specialist
  • Object Oriented Programming

Just In Time Inventory

Work experience


IT Consultant/Business Analyst


Recruited to work on highly critical business processes and PeopleSoft driven applications requiring advanced technical business analysis, MS Access database development, and financial skills.  Collaborated with senior business analyst and managers to examine, evaluate, and develop improvements of current processes to increase productivity and company efficiency. Fully accountable for all technical aspects of projects from conception through implementation.

  • Worked closely and effectively with senior business analyst on mission-critical project to locate and correct cash leakage problems. Developed database to analyze and locate problems in existing accounting processes and produce customized financial analysis reports.
  • Assigned to manage second project to develop automated program to import account statements to perform compounded interest calculations. Collaborated with account managers and business analysts to evaluate existing processes and develop customized scripts in VBA to completely automate financial calculations.
  • Coordinated, designed, and implemented database to track and document PeopleSoft driven application to identify scheduling conflicts. Wrote program to calculate run time of each process, which enabled company to pinpoint specific processes and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Programmer Analyst

Katun Corp

Recruited to analyze business IT needs and determine most effective technology to utilize. Designed and developed automated business reporting tools, databases, and customized applications requiring advanced skills in MS Access, relational databases, SQL, and ASP.NET.Worked closely with end-users and upper-level management to plan and prioritize high profile projects. Fully responsible for implementing, documenting, training, and maintenance of all implemented applications.

  • Created customized reporting database through MS Access and Excel using VBA and SQL programming languages to automate supplier analysis reporting. This decreased report processing time from 8 hours to approximately 15 minutes.
  • Developed automated help desk processing database through MS Access and Excel input form utilizing VBA programming to capture data that was processed through a 3rd party program. This enabled customized reporting and saved the company approximately 15k annually.
  • Developed corporate-wide ASP.Net reporting application by accessing company-wide Oracle database to enable customized report filtering. Improved report accuracy and decreased processing times.



Data Analyst


Selected to develop and implement business solutions for high profile reporting needs requiring advanced MS Access, reporting, business analysis skills. Worked closely with senior level management to improve upon existing reporting processes and implementing new processes to increase company productivity and efficiency. Fully accountable and responsible for all MS Access database development and customized reporting projects.

  • Developed reporting enhancements through MS Access and Excel using VBA programming language to completely automate daily reports. This decreased overall reporting time from 3 hours to less than 10 minutes.
  • Designed and developed call center database to capture data from PeopleSoft application and export data to Excel spreadsheet, which displayed the data through charts and graphs that were dynamically updated through VBA code. This reduced report-processing time from approximately 3 hours to 5 minutes.
  • Designed and developed customized business reports using SQL programming language to query data from company-wide JDE Oracle based system. Enabled company flexibility and ability to monitor specific business areas, which reports in corporate-wide system was unable to produce.
  • Worked closely with senior level management to create MS Access database to completely automate monthly employee evaluation reporting. Wrote customized scripts to fully automate all reporting and analysis functions and export data into Excel template to display the information through charts, graphs, and summarized formats.

IT Consultant/Database Developer

Hawaii Management Alliance Association

Brought on board to lead highly visible, critical projects requiring strong business analysis and technical skills.  Collaborated with business managers and users to analyze current processes and procedures and design improvements to drive productivity and quality gains.  Fully accountable for projects from conception through user training and acceptance.  Assembled and managed cross-functional teams; performed hands-on skills in database design, manipulation and reporting primarily using MS Access, SQL, ColdFusion and VBA programming integrated with Word and Excel customized templates.

  • Researched company problem in attaining high customer satisfaction. Developed database to provide better tracking of provider/member calls resulting in a reduction of processing time by 55% leading to an increase in overall customer satisfaction.
  • Interviewed senior management and key users to obtain information needed to support company obtaining URAC (Utilization Review Accreditation Committee) certification. Designed application to produce reports and statistical data, which enabled company to obtain its first URAC certification.
  • Wrote technical documentation and requirements for all database applications. Trained personnel on usage of applications and developed standards and guidelines for IT related work orders, which led to faster training times for new personnel and quicker processing of work orders.

Quality Information Service Analyst

Hawaii Medical Services Association

Recruited to analyze and implement effective Information Technology solutions to automate business processes and increase efficiency.  Collaborated with management and business units to develop system specifications for enterprise-wide projects.  Credited with the successful implementation of new systems to increase operating effectiveness and quality throughout the legal, finance, human resource and provider services departments. Planned and defined project scope and timetables and monitored progress. Assisted in documenting and establishing procedures to support new systems.  Created customized reporting solutions for management.  Core technical skills included extensive work with Oracle and Access databases, SQL, DreamWeaver and VBA programming across legacy and PC-based systems.

  • Recognized for developing and deploying a database for the HR Department to track yearly completion of mandatory compliance and ethic forms for all employees.  System was credited with automating manual process and increasing efficiency.
  • Spearheaded the design and deployment of a database to report on legal proceedings. Worked closely with other IT departments to developed interface to capture data from existing mainframe system and import into a database for reporting.

Created templates to automate business functions, including employee evaluation computations, reporting, charts and graphs


Third Party Liabilities Technician

United States Navy, Department of Defense

Selected to plan and successfully implement third-party liability program in the State of Hawaii for the Headquarters Navy Medical Clinic.  Program was responsible for investigating acts of negligence against military personnel and their families, and reimbursing U.S. Navy Medical Commands for medical services.  Collaborated with outside offices to define program implementation and documentation procedures.

  • Implemented third party liability program in state of Hawaii. Program was viewed as a model program for all western region commands to follow.
  • Designed and implemented several systems to allow electronic submission of claims.  Systems were implemented throughout all western region commands.

Assistant Financial Supervisor/Reserve Pay Supervisor

United States Navy

Accountable for assisting in planning, monitoring, documenting and supervising accounting and financial analysis/reporting functions.  Directed a team of 3 in auditing, verifying and reporting payroll, collections and financial returns for all Naval reserve personnel in the State of Hawaii.  Developed financial forecasts, projections and analytical tools.

  • Credited with designing and implementing an automated processing system, resulting in reducing processing time for incoming Naval reservists. Established new processing procedures.
  • Recognized for streamlining and enhancing accounting, reporting and financial analysis techniques..


Bachelor of Science

Hawaii Pacific University