Dan Green


My parents wanted me to be my doctor. He was then only five years old. Being a doctor did not even know what it is. After a little grown up, I decided to be a painter. I've learned that good money after painters. Need directions to make money in order to live. I grew up. In high school I decided to establish my own business. But it did not. I went to kitapra. I started to study at the university's advertising. It was very difficult section. After finishing school I started working at an advertising agency. Advertising agencies were not as they appear on the outside. After working inadvertising agency for a while, I decided to do my own work. This decision was very difficult to give. In fact, i have not slept one night. Why? Because not only me, we both decided to give influences.

I installed with my own business but did not like anything I wanted. Now they work for a company that sells books. Kitapra name of the company. I'm happy to be working here. Because I'm doing what I enjoy. Since my childhood I love to work with. Also I likereading books too. Companies trying to get myself a book. I like me very jealous of my friends to do the job. Because my friends loved doing the job. I wish I'd own my business, but was not successful. I am very happy working in the company and currently working in this company as their own. This approach allows me to be successful in my work place. Even last kitap, Iposted to another country for a meeting. I'm going country Portugal.

Due to the economic crisis, a noticeable decline in sales of books taking place sinmonths. This is because people are buying other things instead of buying kitap. These people are right. Because the book price is too high and people have to read the book.

Work experience

Work experience
May 2011 - Present