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Dang Tu Anh

Copywriting Intern


Being an undergraduate from major of Communication in RMIT University Vietnam, I am looking for a full-time copywriting internship in your agency.

As a fresher in the industry of Marketing and Communication, I don't have much practical experience to ensure proficient working like predecessors. I have just gathered shreds of learning outcomes when working as content planner for small projects of charity and volunteering.

However, I understand this industry's features and know what to do for a copywriting intern. I understand the stresses of those who work in this industry but I am ready for that, because I know I can find more entertainment and joy than tension when working for my passion.


Goals I would like to achieve from the internship:

  • Understanding the practical process of coining an idea.
  • Learning more about society, finding interesting insights from all groups of people.
  • Shaping taste of creativity to be able to generate creative award-winning works in the future.


Jun 2013Jan 2016

Bachelor of Communication

RMIT University Vietnam

Although it is not until January 2016 that I will have graduated from RMIT University, I finished all necessary courses in the curriculum. So, I would like to spend whole time of mine for the internship if being received.

Dec 2014Mar 2015

Creative Idea

AiiM (AIM)- Marketing Communication Skills Training Center
Jun 2015Aug 2015

Digital Platform Management

AiiM (AIM)- Marketing Communication Skills Training Center


Jun 2011Aug 2011

Sales Assistant

Family's grocery store
  • Being involved in stock control and management
  • Assisting shoppers to find the goods and products they are looking for
Sep 2012Feb 2013

Content Creator

'Friends Volunteer' charity group
  • Posting articles calling for donations on popular and relevant forums
  • Responding to feedbacks of forums’ members
Oct 2014Jan 2015

Content Creator

RMIT Media Production Club
  • Planning content structure on Facebook
  • Going fieldtrip to collect writing materials for news posting on Facebook
Oct 2014Jun 2015

Communication team's member

RMIT SAT (Student Ambassadors Team)
  • Planning communication strategies
  • Creating posts on Facebook fanpage
  • Interview participants and collect useful information for Facebook posts


Analytical thinking
Doing research
Writing customer-relevant content
Strategic planning for IMC
Team working
Individual working 


My interest would like to mainly be located in technology field, especially website development. Besides, I like taking part in media production. My leisure activities are reading quotes and making handicrafts.


  • Vietnamese: Native
  • English: Fluent (IELTS 7.0)
  • Korean: Beginner