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An accomplished Software Engineer/Product Application Engineer with programming experience in application programming, GUI/Web design and development for high technology companies such as Synopsys, Simplex Solutions (purchased by Cadence) and LTX (purchased by Credence).

·Able to quickly and efficiently create elegant, user-friendly front-end software interfaces for complex systems to enable and enhance end user productivity.

·Able to build rapport with customers both internally and externally.

·BSCS, Santa Clara University 1993

Work experience


User Interface & Web Consultant


Provide web development, design and IT service to small business customers & organizations.

Selected client projects include:.

·Patti Wilson ( - Webmaster/Programmer

Designed interactive forms, using Perl and custom-written JavaScript, to compute scores, sort and organize form data to aid in users’ job search consultation.

Helped with maintenance and repair through three major web site revisions.

·Sexy Oliver Tee Shirts  - Webmaster

Redesigned order page using PayPal shopping cart.

·Western Wild Flower ( - Webmaster

            Redesigning the menu interface using php/css, eliminating the use of frames to allow for better

              book-marking and site viewing.

·Need A Basket  - Webmaster

Made web site more appealing through the better use of HTML tags and correcting broken HTML tags.

·Cain Communications, Campbell, CA  - Webmaster

Implemented online registration forms using FileMaker Pro that allowed for the collection of contact, survey and credit card    information.

·Rebuilding Together * Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA - Webmaster

Responsible for setup and maintenance of Web site.

        Redesigned the menu interface using php, eliminating the use of frames to allow for bookmarking

          and better navigation.

·EBS Insurance - Webmaster

Responsible for maintenance of web site.

·Synopsys, Inc., Mountain View, CA – Software Contractor

Successfully designed and developed a complicated graphical user interface for the Arcadia product line, permitting customers to seamlessly run a multitude of command line programs in series and save program parameters. Used Builder Xcessory on the Sun platform in C++/Motif using ViewKit for this provider of integrated chip design software.

·LTX, San Jose, CA –Software Contractor

Responsible for upgrading 30 different graphical user interfaces from Builder Xcessory 2.5 to 5.0,

  using C/Motif on the Sun Solaris platform as a consultant for this provider of semiconductor test 


Feb 2000Dec 2000

Software Engineer II

Enlighten Software Solutions (Bankrupt)

Responsible for the maintenance of graphical user interfaces, using C/C++/Motif on various Unix/Linuxplatforms. Developed an HTML interface, using JavaScript and Java Server Pages for this provider of system management software.

Feb 1996Nov 1997

Member of Technical Staff

Simplex Solutions (purchased by Cadence)

Efficiently created, implemented and maintained graphical user interfaces for the Fire & Ice product line, enabling customers to easily and rapidly verify their chip designs via separate command line programs. Used UIM/X on the Sun platform in C/Motif for this provider of 3D chip verification software.

·Successfully designed and implemented the XT interface, an option-rich circuit extraction program, giving customers more flexibility.

·Swiftly identified and made critical repairs and enhancements to SimGUI, the trade show product line flow demonstration interface.

·Took ownership of, corrected and enhanced ICM, the customers' interface for entering chip design data, adding robustness and more realistic visual data representation.

·Created Barometer, a flow validation tool, giving users a concise and easy method of generating and

    analyzing comparison results.

·Developed and created a cross-platform Makefile for use with a single source tree for company-wide use.

·Effectively implemented an HSPICE parser that allows for selective "flattening" of a hierarchical circuit


Jan 1995Feb 1996

Product Application Enginer

MasPar Computer Corporation (Defunct)

Efficiently designed and implemented graphical user interfaces for software 

demonstrations, using Builder Xcessory on the DEC platform in C/Motif.

·Successfully converted fifteen demos from DEC ULTRIX to OSF/1, replacing hardware-dependent libraries with

      Motif libraries, significantly reducing maintenance overhead and resource commitments.

·Effectively enabled users to save search parameters by designing an interface for MPsrch, a suite of

      BioInformatic search programs.

·Responsible for the successful creation and setup of the corporate Web site.


Dec 1994


Santa Clara University