Dan Harris

Dan Harris


Research & Sourcing! Finding The Best Talent!

2009 Kennedy HR Conference Session Speaker - "Become a Sourcing MacGyver"

2008 Bay Area Recruiting Roadshow Speaker

2008 ERE San Diego Shally/Glenn Sourcing Workshop guest speaker


  • Over 8 years of recruiting experience with a strong expertise and focus on Sourcing/Name Generation & Research.

  • Specialized in Research and Name Generation for placing professionals in areas of Information Technology, Finance, Product Development, Sales & Marketing.

  • Successfully helped placed Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Chief/Senior Architects & Engineers, Senior Members of Technical Staff, Product Development, Software Engineers & Developers, Software Quality Assurance Managers & Engineers, Database & System Administrators, Systems Analysts, Information Technology Managers/Administrators, Technical/Customer Support, Finance/Accounting Directors, Managers & Analysts, Accountants, Auditors, General & Administrative, Marketing Directors, Managers, & Marketing Specialists, Technical Writer, Marketing Communications & Public Relations staff.

  • Proven track record of successfully partnering with hiring managers, recruiters, clients, candidates, staff employees and vendors.

  • Strongly self-motivated, enthusiastic, detailed oriented, and a synergistic team player.

  • Problem solver, decision-maker and planner. Goal-oriented, organized; determined to succeed at any project; follow through with detail.

  • Facilitates learning sessions to teach and share my knowledge of niche websites and tools to recruiters and sourcers on a quarterly basis.

  • Competent, reliable and committed professional, with a proven record of success in assuming increasing levels of responsibility in supporting hiring managers to multiple recruiters.

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2009 - Jul 2009


  • Focused on researching and passively sourcing candidates for Executive level roles within Ebay and Paypal. 
  • Actively providing targeted candidates to senior executive recruiters and management.
  • Mapping of company talent at key competitors which I supplied to management.
  • Facilitated sharing of sourcing materials, websites, and research tools to team members.
  • Updated and added prospects and candidates & referrals using inhouse Filefinder and brassring systems. 
  • Added over 1000 contacts within Filefinder system, building to database of contacts available.
Feb 2008 - Jan 2009


  • Focused on research and sourcing passive candidates for Finance/Accounting, Sales, Sales Engineering, and Marketing.  Actively providing targeted candidates to senior recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Built hand-made directories of company talent at key competitors which I supplied to senior engineering/IT recruiting at NetApp.
  • Provided full service sourcing/recruitment, from creating pipelines, identifying qualified candidates, conducting pre-screens and interviews, screening for salary, experience, skills, and referrals. 
  • Facilitated training of sourcing materials, websites, and research tools to both US and International team to improve efficiency and identification of key talent.  This resulted in improved efficiency and identification of key talent.  Contributed information, resources, and tools to an Internal NetApp sourcing wiki.
  • Original creator of NetApp facebook page which presently boasts over 700+ fans.  Designed for passive talent pipeline and branding NetApp as a company on a highly active social networking site. 
  • Identified potential candidates using Talenthook.  Posting to niche/targeted user sites and forums to broadcast and target hard to find talent.
  • Updated and positioned candidates & internal referrals using inhouse brassring system.
Feb 2007 - Feb 2008

Sourcer/Talent Researcher

  • Reporting to the HR staffing managers, as Lead Sourcer/Talent Researcher for the top 20 corporate need to fill positions actively working and creating pipelines for the recruiters/hiring managers.

  • Develops strategy recruitment plans with hiring managers and recruiters to achieve staffing goals. Was active in supporting up to 6 recruiters on a daily basis.

  • Recruits for positions in various US locations - Silicon Valley; Dulles, VA; Olympia, WA; Overland Park, KS.

  • Effectively sources, identifies, screens, interviews, and assesses candidate’s experience and qualifications for overall fit utilizing behavioral interviewing techniques.

  • Provides weekly status reporting updates to hiring managers, HR staffing managers and recruiters.

  • Performs Internet sourcing and name generation through personal network and sites such as LinkedIn, Spoke.com, & Jigsaw.com. Utilizing Phone and Internet to create active pipelines.

  • Updates and builds active pipeline with resumes into FileFinder database system.

Sep 2005 - Feb 2007


Hyperion Solutions
  • Assisted Senior HR Staffing Manager with staffing requirements working on tough to fill to positions. Actively working on Finance, G&A, Product/Development Engineering & Management, and Sales/SE roles.

  • As the Lead Sourcer reporting directly to the Senior Sales Recruiter/Sales Staffing Manager, handling all Sales and Sales Engineering related openings in the Santa Clara, CA office. Also recruited for satellite offices in Denver, CO; Dallas, TX; Boston, MA; New York; NY; Atlanta, GA; Seattle, WA; Minneapolis, MN; Chicago, IL; Phoenix, AZ; Hartford, CT; Virginia/DC.

  • Provided full service Sourcing/Recruitment, from creating pipeline, identifying qualified candidates, conducting behavioral interviewing, and screening for salary and skill sets, asking for referrals. Posting to niche user sites and forums to broadcast and target hard to find talent.

  • Searching, tracking, and maintenance of candidates through in-house database of Hodes.

Jan 2005 - Sep 2005


BEA Systems
  • Worked directly with Senior Recruiters to assist them with their staffing needs by providing high quality technical professionals to interview and hire. Communication with recruiters on daily basis to provide them with knowledge/direction of work performed.

  • Effectively recruited and placed various positions including Sales Director, Managers, and Sales Engineering. Customer/Technical Support, Business Development, General & Administrative, Product/Software Engineering, and Education Delivery Specialists.

  • Effectively pre-screened candidates to provide recruiters important information such as general impressions of the conversation, ideal opportunity, availability, and salary expectations. Also routed appropriate resumes off Monster, Dice, Hotjobs and submitted resumes to recruiters.

  • Utilized various strategic recruiting techniques such as database searches, Internet mining, and posting to specific user groups to target passive, hard to find candidates.

  • Source from internal BrassRing database and online databases (AIRS), Internet, referrals, and contact lists.

Oct 2000 - Jan 2005

Sourcer/Name Generation

HTC Research
  • Supplied up to 80% of the generated names supplied to major fortune 500 companies such as BEA, AMD, Borland, Documentum, Hyperion Solutions, Intuit, Juniper Networks, Kronos Software, Magma Design Automation, Microsoft, National Semiconductor, Nvidia, Quantum, QRS, Symantec, VeriSign, and VMWare.

  • Interacted with CEO/COO and Project Profilers of company to obtain the necessary information for complete job requirements or to refocus in targeting talent.

  • Data Entry using Recruitmax Software. Sourced over 10,000+ candidates/resumes and applied to company database, achieving year over year performance.

  • Recruited various positions with a focus on software and hardware technology industry.

  • Cold Call Sourcing.

  • Internet Research using Boolean logic.



Bachelor of Science

Sacramento State University



Name Generation Or Pipeline Development

Hand-Make Company Directories

I can produce and hand make a company directory/office/teams.  (Name, title, location, phone w/ext, email, online bio if exists, any additional info/bio I find out)    

Boolean Search Strings

I have a number of saved search strings I use to produce quick results.