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I don't remember when I started wearing makeup but I do still own the first lipstick I ever had. It's too old to use now and a terrible shade of orange-red for my skin tone, but I can't throw it away. It's a reminder of a time when I crossed over from being a child to becoming self aware about the way I looked and dressed. Slowly through experience I found the things that looked right on me. People would eventually compliment the way I did my eye liner more than anything else. Then friends would ask me to do their hair and makeup and even my little sister eventually came to love getting a makeover by me. I would take photos of my friends and myself all the time, having newly discovered the power that beauty can have over many things and how it can build one's self esteem. 

Those days haven't ended but many of my friends learned how to do their own makeup and hair. I still have many friends who ask me to pluck their brows, do their Halloween face paint - another passion of mine - and give my boyfriend tips on what not to wear. I am an artist, an illustrator, an animator, but before I ever became good at drawing, I learned how to make my own face into a canvas. I have a good eye for what looks good on what face shape, colors that bring out other colors, and so on, much of it thanks to my schooling focused on arts. I would love to help give advice, learn more myself about how to improve a face, better one's self  and let clients push worries aside that they don't look good today to live life confidently. To see that genuine smile that someone has discovered something right for them, looking in the mirror and thinking "That's it, that's the one."

Work experience

Oct 2012Mar 2013

Customer Service . Geek Squad

Best Buy

Performing returns, exchanged, troubleshooting technical issues, installs, trade-ins, phone calls, issuing cards, helping the customer find what is needed and leave satisfied. Left due to move.

May 2011Aug 2011


The Safe House

Quirky greeting and seating patrons during hosting position when hosting. Providing excellent service to my assigned tables during my waiting shifts. Playing along with a spy-themed atmosphere in a fun and entertaining matter in the customer/employee interaction.

May 2009Aug 2009


Ibiza Cafe'

Main dinner waitress at a newly-opened European restaurant/lounge/club. Served most of the tables and shot-busted several times with ease and efficiency, even on slow nights. Place closed down after only a few months of business unfortunately.

Sep 2007Aug 2008

Sales Associate/Cashier

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Assisted customers in finding their needed products, cleaning, stocking items, inventory maintenance, greeting at the front door and on the phone, checking out merchandise, and money count.


Aug 2007May 2009


College of Lake County

Attended for 2 years, transferred to Institute in Milwaukee, WI (MIAD).



Customer Service
I've learned the importance of customer service through the eyes of several different companies and restaurants. Each place has taught me its own definitions of it through time. Clients are the whole reason a company becomes as successful as they do. Just as a musician makes music for their fans, a company sells products to their customers and the employees job is to make sure they get the product right for them and leave happy, surely to return for more. 
Soundtrack Pro
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro
Video editing.
Adobe Illustrator
Typography and design work for cards, layouts, and illustration.
Adobe After Effects
I have created numerous short animations in After Effects. I mostly use it for the animation process but also am skilled at video editing and sound.
Adobe Photoshop
I am very experienced at editing and creating from scratch in Photoshop. Most of my recent work is digital media and use a Cintiq/Wacom tablet most of the time for such pieces. I also work well in the medium of photo-manipulation.