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Work experience

Jan 2010Nov 2011


D&L Land Management

D&L is a family owned and operated business with a very large cattle operation which spread through out the state. Properties as far as Okeechobee and as close as their back yard, kept me running all the time. As their head ranch hand, it was my job to keep to schedule, all counts, vaccines, supplements, and moves were organized by me. I took this position very seriously and take great pride in the care I provide these herds. I have helped deliver calves, rescued cows in fence, among other direct activities. Also, I have dealt with the unfortunate side, I have had to put animals down, bury them, separate calves, and nursed many dogies. All the heavy work was also done by myself, such as moving hay bales, grain bags, hanging fence or corrals, ect. I have moved cattle mounted and on atvs as well. This job did not grant me much human interaction, but it is where I love to be and I am a natural with this kind of work. I left this position to move.

Jan 2009Nov 2011


Private Barn

This was an operation set up on my own. I had a large horse facility where I conducted children's petting parties, pony parties, and riding lessons. I had everyone from two year old toddlers feeling fur, hearing chickens, and smelling flowers, to adults riding for the very first time. A pony lesson consists of much more than mounting up and riding off, the children first learn how to care for a horse, how to check for illness, and feed. They learn how to care for their tack and what kind of effort it takes to take care of someone else. Another big part of the lesson is how to treat others the way you want to be treated, how being "mean" can hurt feelings. The children can learn so much from animals, riding teaches motor skills, and other cognitive learning. Having to care for an animal and their habitat teaches more than I can list, conservation, and responsibility being just a couple. On top of all of this, riding provides kids with something to do. Extra curricular activities help keep children out of trouble and allows them to continue growing mentally and physically while they are having fun outside of school. The property I lived on and conducted this operation from was sold by the land owner with no notice. I was forced to leave and shut down the operation.

Mar 2005Dec 2007


Freedom Ride

Freedom Ride is a non-profit 501c3 therapeutic equine facility dedicated to enriching the lives and experiences of children and adults with disabilities. As a volunteer member, my job was spread through many positions. Simple tasks such as tending to stalls and barn rooms, tacking and tending to the animals, to helping with mounting and leading with students. I occasionally lead group classes with more advanced students. Of all the amazing things I was a part of and witnessed, nothing came close to being able to work one on one with these children and bring a smile to their face by showing them how even they, someone who thought they were limited by their disability, could ride a horse.  This organization inspired me to continue contributing how ever I can. 


Feb 20082009

Prospect Marketing

Prospect Marketing was a business designed to teach you the "cut throat" side to sales. Though I am not good with the assertiveness you see in high pressure sales experiences. I excelled at this position due to my ability to relate to virtually anyone and "kindly direct" the sale without all the fuss. Though the experiences are very valuable to me and the skills learned have proven useful in every day life. I find I am not suited for sales and do not pursue those positions.  



Oviedo High

I graduated from my high school in 2005. I attended 4 years and studied music, early childhood development, and psychology. I exceeded in early childhood courses which I took for all four years earning my certificates of completion by the state of Florida.  


Computer Skills
Efficient in the following:   Microsoft Office Programs Adobe Photoshop Programs Windows Mac Web WPM- average 58 with a 98% accuracy   Proficient in photograph manipulation. Skills such as below but are not limited too:   Basic editing, adjustments, sizing Advanced editing, cloning, removing, glamour Basic manipulating, chopping, color, filters Advanced manipulating, multiple step actions, layer play


Someone such as I can tend to be over looked in these times. I was not educated online, nor by a book. Though reading is an invaluable resource, I believe it takes experience to make those learned skills a true asset. Also, the heart and drive. I work hard, I prove my worth, and regardless of my situation, I see the light and work towards the goal. I have a passion to bring education to anyone willing to learn. I have a drive to conserve our planet's creatures for our future generations to be able to see what a beautiful natural world we live in. The ability to combine these two loves is what I strive to do every day.