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Work experience

Feb 2009Jan 2013

Director of ECommerce (promotion)

East View Companies

Responsibility: All e-commerce P & L, Design, Development, Marketing, Usability, Analytics

  • 7 e-commerce and lead generation websites
  • International Books, journals, periodicals
  • Global GIS / Mapping
  • International online databases
  • International publishing

Accomplishments: Drove exponential growth in E-commerce revenue

  • Improved Revenue 50% in 1.5 years
  • Improved Conversion Rate 84% in same timeframe
  • Improved order volume 74% in same timeframe
  • Reduced average visits to purchase from 6.45 to 2.73

Responsibility: New Online Platforms Development and Launch

Comprehensive development and integration of GIS, online databases, books, journals, and international reference databases with ecommerce on common platform

Accomplishments: Led design, development and launch of B2B / B2C international geospatial ecommerce platform

  • Hired necessary staff
  • Designed and built supporting infrastructure
  • Integrated ArcGIS Server with ASP.NET shopping cart underneath  DotNetNuke CMS platform with localization

Led design, development and launch of B2B / B2C international databases, books and journals ecommerce platform

  • ·Remotely led development effort in Russia
  • ·ASP.NET MVC platform underneath Orchard CMS
  • ·Included support for MARC records (library cataloging system)

Designed, developed and launched limited budget / short time frame B2C ecommerce platform

  • Built on ASP.NET DotNetNuke platform with all off-the-shelf modules and shopping cart
  • Design to production time was 1 month
Dec 2005Jan 2009

Director of Operations

East View Cartographic

Responsibility: All e-commerce P & L, Customer Service, Design, Development, and Products

  • All cartography, GIS and satellite imagery inventory, procurement, and corporate library

Accomplishments: Vastly improved ecommerce revenue by +200% in less than 12 months by analyzing and rebuilding site navigation, layout, design, and SEO

  • Improved return traffic by 40%
  • Improved shopping cart conversion rate by 113%
  • Reduced bounce rate by 50%

Responsibility: CRM development, processes and workflows.


  • Drove 60% efficiency gains through company-wide CRM automated processes and tracking
  • Improved on-time order delivery by 40% through same CRM automation

Responsibility: Global operations (HQ in Minneapolis)

Offices in Moscow (Russia), Nairobi (Kenya), Amman (Jordan), Jakarta (Indonesia), Recife (Brazil)

Accomplishments: Successfully rebuilt global ecommerce and operations organization; lead team of 11 including one director, one manager

  • Assumed ownership of e-commerce, marketing and geodata/cataloging departments
  • Opened 4 international  procurement offices (Nairobi, Amman, Jakarta, Recife)

Responsibility: International government and vendor copyright and reseller agreements and relationships

Accomplishments: established copyright and reproduction rights agreements

  • Governments of: South Africa, Bangladesh, Botswana, Madagascar, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Faroe Islands, Fiji
Jun 2005Dec 2005

Consulting CTO / Website and Infrastructure Design and Development

Specialty Village, Inc.

Responsibility: Direct all aspects of research, design, development and operations of website and data center storage, applications, infrastructure, facilities, and disaster recovery / business continuity


  • Reduced from $1.8M to $170K, the technology investments for launch of startup through cost benefit analysis of original technology requirements against the business plan and necessary short term growth requirements necessary for success
  • Realigned and refined technology and organizational financial model allowing business to be launched with $1M investment vs. original plan of $6M investment
  • Negotiated restructuring of payment schedules and +25% discounts on services with two key vendors
Oct 2001May 2005

Advanced technology and Services Development Manager (Promotion)

Computer Network Technology

Dotted line reporting to V.P., Global Services & CTO/V.P. of Development Engineering

Overview: One of the world's largest providers of comprehensive SAN/storage networking solutions, products, and services

Concurrently managed $1.5M and $2M budgets with 29% and 23% average under budget annually, respectively

Responsibility: Development, delivery and support of online services and infrastructure


  • Built team and led the sales, marketing, re-design, re-development, implementation, support and operations of global LAN/WAN/SAN network management service, including its NOC, data center, infrastructure, network, security, applications, organizational operations, processes, and training
  • Drove revenue from $200K to $3M and restored to profitability, $1.6M profit and 35% growth in 2 years
  • Created 50% operating efficiencies in management services operations while bringing it into full compliance with Sarbanes – Oxley
  • Created SAN/Storage over WAN/IP network assessment services business
    • Drove $350K revenue in its first year with 83% gross margins

Responsibility: Development, delivery, support and training of new products and emerging technologies


  • Worked directly with development engineering on design and development of new products with focus on supportability and customer acceptance
  • Developed and implemented new product support training and certification in support of new product transition to core support organizations worldwide
  • Drove 19% efficiencies in call handling processes through CRM process analysis, refinement and automation
    • Dramatically improved first call resolution rate of storage-related problems for new products from 43% to 77%
    • Substantially increased customer support customer satisfaction rating from 3.5 to 4.6 on a scale of 1-5
Oct 1998Oct 2001

Staff Systems Account Engineer (promotion)

Computer Network Technology

Dotted line reporting to V.P., Global Services & CTO/V.P. of Development Engineering

Responsibility: Responsible for emerging technologies development and market delivery


  • Successfully pioneered development of Storage-over-IP (SoIP) technology with commercial scalability
    • Drove approximately $50M-$70M revenue per year over 6 years
  • Led emerging technologies worldwide customer delivery and support team
    • Drove successful worldwide deployment of first 200+ emerging technologies networks

Responsibility: Technical and influence leadership of 100+ support personnel worldwide


  • Trained global technical support staff of 100+ personnel on Storage over IP technology and global networking



Results-proven leader with extensive staff and management experience in global mission critical business, technology, and services. Repeatedly successful driving double-digit revenue growth, efficiencies and customer satisfaction, on time and within budget. Equally successful building and growing organizations while maximizing staff retention.

Full Qualifications

  • Management and Leadership
  • Pre and Post-Sales Support
  • Account Management
  • Organization Building
  • Trending and Analysis
  • Hosted Technology and Services
  • Exceptional Customer Services
  • Business Efficiencies
  • Strategic Planning

Personal Business Citations

Brandon Tourtelotte, Senior Sales & Customer Service Rep., East View Cartographic, Inc. (colleague) worked directly with me

“Dana's work as Director of Operations has been exemplary. His guidance of the company's workflows has been instrumental in managing a period of growth for EVC. Dana has managed multiple systems simultaneously in a way that few could. I recommend his skill sets to anyone.” October 16, 2008

Thea Few, Co-Owner, (colleague) managed me

“Dana’s ability to take very limited information regarding a vision and make it into a real plan is just one of his many talents. He is willing to tackle any project no matter how difficult. Unlike many technology people, Dana has a strong grasp of the complete business picture with a strong marketing focus. He is great at bringing talent and resources together and very apt at fund raising. As our Consulting CTO he was instrumental in the successful launching of Special Village’s first website,” January 28, 2007

Bill Collette (colleague) managed me indirectly

“Dana was one of the only people in suppot to step and get the job done. I was the v.p. of

engineering and dana and I worked closely to keep customers very happy and we solved problems quickly and accurately. EMC was one of our partners and Dana worked with engineering to make EMC Happy” May 4, 2005

Rajesh Kumar, Sr. NMS Engineer, McDATA (colleague) reported to me

“Dana is one of the brightest leaders I have ever worked for. He possesses a rare mix of qualities that I haven’t seen in any of the leaders I have ever worked for so far. He plans and executes with perfection. He keeps his team challenged, fired up and high in spirits at all times. He has lead ATS, the team that lead and influenced all other teams in CNT global services. I wish him success.” April 20, 2005

Tom Wojahn, Senior Network Engineer, CNT (colleague) worked with me

“Dana was a person who identified the skills he needed, hired people with those skills and after communicating the objectives trusted those individuals to do what needed to be done and removed the obstacles for himself and the team to be successful” April 10, 2005

Troy Guenther, Services Software Engineer, CNT (colleague) reported to me

“Dana was an excellent visionary around products & services. I was continuously impressed with how Dana could take an idea or concept, and extract out a vision on how the team could create a new opportunity or an enhancement to an existing. I would not hesitate to work with him again.” April 29, 2005

Paul Watkins, (client) was my client

“I have been a client of CNT Corp that has had the opportunity to work directly with Dana regarding the set-up and organization of our network lines and network services. Dana has always been very direct, responsive, and informative. He and his team have worked extremely well with our teams to successfully implement the numerous network services we've acquired from CNT.” April 7, 2005

Julie Stone, Manager, Technical Training & Publications, CNT (colleague) worked with me

“I worked very closely with Dana as part of the Global Services management team. I found Dana to be a decisive, analytical thinker who can create strategy and implementation plans equally well, and get results. He's a great team player, who can be counted on to contribute thoughful analysis and problem solving to any initiative. I would highly endorse Dana in a management position.” April 19, 2005

Nick Williams,(colleague) reported to me

“I not only leaned his ability to bridge the gap between our business initiatives and technology, but also counted on his leadership to confront complexity head on.” January 19, 2005

Bill Collette, CTO & V.P. of Engineering, Computer Network Technologies (colleague) worked with me

“Dana was a great help in supporting engineering and one of the Key persons in moving products forward as a key support person and great engineering liason Bill Collette” February 25, 2010

Roger Richardson, Network Managed Service Engineer, McDATA (colleague) reported to me

“Dana is a very driven and visionary person. He has proven the ability to bridge the technology and buisness gap which is an envy buy most CEO's and CFO's in today buisness climate.” February 16, 2005

Julie Schoephoerster, IT Program Manager, CNT (colleague) worked indirectly for me

“Dana has the ability to define a vision and make it a successful reality. Dana is very effective in aligning both business and technology solutions and resources. Dana is a strong leader with exceptional technical knowledge and creativity. His direct reports respect him for his knowledge, leadership and managerial skills. It is a pleasure to work with him.” May 27, 2005

Bill Amadick, Staff System, Computer Network Technology Corp (colleague) worked directly with me

“I have known Dana for 22 years and always found him to be a very driven person who delivers outstanding results. When Dana is on the job you know it will get done right. He was always good at pulling togther the correct resourses and documenting the processes and challenges for either new products or creating from scratch new solutions.” April 11, 2005

Julie Quintal, Vice President, Custom Solutions, Dataserv (colleague) managed me indirectly

“Dana was the technical engineer responsible for some of our largest accounts. He was responsible not only for daily customer communication regarding trouble tickets, but also for establishing and managing project time lines for critical and time sensitive technology updates. In this role he needed to blend his technical knowledge with customer communication and account management skills, which he did with the utmost professionalism. His customers respected his technical acumen and his satisfaction ratings were always above average. Dana served as a mentor to junior technical engineers, assisting with training of the new hires. His proficiency in working with his peers lead to promotions to senior roles in the Customer Support organization.” February 18, 2008

Career Highlights

  • Led design, development and launch of B2B / B2C international geospatial ecommerce platforms
  • Designed, built, staffed, and brought to process-based operational status a multi-continent tier 1 ISP and SAN Management and Operations Center
  • Turned around Network Services business unit to profitability with 35% growth in less than 2 years.
  • Built and led delivery, support and training organization for new products and emerging technologies
  • Drove 19% efficiencies in customer support call handling processes through CRM process analysis, refinement and automation
  • Awarded patent # 6,931,357 - “Services/Network Testing: Computer Network Monitoring with Test Data Analysis”

Other Recognitions

  • Cited in E-Week’s March 18, 2005 edition article “Testing Vendors Target NIC Performance Problems”, for uncovering and identifying substandard performance characteristics of 10/100 Ethernet laptop adapters
  • Invited to speak at the Twin Cities Network Configuration Management and Control symposium

International Experience

In Country:

United Kingdom, France, Norway, Japan


United Kingdom, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Fiji, Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia


Awarded patent # 6,931,357 - “Services/Network Testing: Computer Network Monitoring with Test Data Analysis”