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Dana Sheves

Art collector and philanthropist

  • London


I am Dana Sheves, an avid art dilettante and a philanthropist within the art industry. I have become well known for launching the GAST Art Foundation into the art world and my uncommon take on the contemporary art world. I am dedicated to art and empowering artists that are both emerging and established.

Art is born 
While living in the UK I was privileged to have been plunged into the art world, where I was introduced to two particularly influential institutions; Christie's and Sotheby’s. This is where my newfound passion and deep interest in the art world was honed and perfected. With eagerness second to none I attended many art shows and walked the halls of galleries. With a love for the creation of art, my personal art collection began to grow. 

From love comes life
With my love of art and the worlds it creates, I made the decision to begin the GAST Art Foundation. I recognized the need for empowering artists at all levels. Funding should not be a factor on whether new forays within the art world are possible or not. The GAST Foundation is a non-profit organization with a single goal: aiding artists in launching art projects. To achieve this, there are residency programs and the necessary support required for artists to grow and further their art. The foundation boasts a large network of connections to various institutions across the globe. 

One of the most notable projects I am privileged to be a part of is the Oscar Murillo School Project. Murillo has taken canvas and wrapped school desks with the material, in locations around the world. The aim is to leave the ‘canvass desks’ in place for several months, and allow the children to adorn them with ‘unplanned graffiti’. The canvasses are then collected by Murillo, and unified into other bodies of work. The final art pieces are displayed within the local area of the schools from which they came. This is not the first project I have worked on alongside Murillo. In 2015 I was part of his ‘Frequency Project’ - prestigiously selected as part of the 56th Venice Biennale: All The World's Futures. 

Early life and career
Born and raised in Israel, I obtained my education there as well. Attending Bar Ilan University I earned my degree in Social Sciences – Economics, Sociology and Political Science in 1996, and thereafter I undertook Gender Studies at Lesley University. With my education completed, I enlisted with the Ministry of Defense in Israel, and spent two years in National Service. Thereafter I made the decision to continue contracting for the Ministry of Defense within the purchases department as a civilian contractor. Subsequently, I spent three years working in the real estate industry before working as partner and director of the Sheves family business. I relocated to the UK where in 2005 I was made a partner and director of a UK based consulting firm SDS Consulting. In 2006 I was made a director and partner at EJI Consulting Ltd.