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Work experience

Jul 2011Present

Web Architect

Xerox Litigation Services

  • Automated the migration from Perforce to Git including the Omnix repository which contained hundreds of branches.
  • Migrated from PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4, including an overhaul of a PHP C extension that adds custom functionality to the PHP Oracle database driver.
  • Removed dependency on the custom PHP Oracle driver to streamline future PHP language upgrades.
  • Extended the Doctrine ORM to interoperate with our internally developed ORM so new compoents can be developed using Doctrine.
  • Designed and developed a system for creating pipelines of tasks that execute asynchronously in Omnix, allowing users to automate significant portions of their workflow.
  • Created an isolated Oracle development environment using Puppet and Vagrant, allowing developers to stop using shared Oracle development databases.
  • Setup continuous integration and automated tests for many internal projects.
  • Setup Splunk for log analysis, error reporting and performance monitoring.
  • Became a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv8)
Jan 2009Jul 2011

Web Team Lead

Xerox Litigation Services
  • Created a multi-threaded daemon for running Omnix users' searches in Python.
  • Created an extensible system for asynchronously handling long running tasks in Python.
  • Created a web API describing components of the Omnix infrastructure used by many internal applications.
  • Replaced a buggy regular expression based text search parser with a lexer/parser, eliminating bugs and enabling new functionality.
  • Optimized a system for running thousands of full text searches in Omnix.
  • Performed peer review on other developers' code.
Jan 2007Jan 2009

Web Developer

Xerox Litigation Services
  • Migrated components of Omnix to a custom built PHP MVC framework based on Ruby on Rails.
  • Automated build and deployment of the web application which replaced a manual process.
  • Created a wrapper around our source control tool (Perforce) to automate common tasks.
  • Designed and developed a user customizible reporting component for Omnix.
  • Created an Emacs minor mode for performing common development tasks directly in the editor.
  • Designed a component for viewing and reviewing threaded emails in Omnix.
  • Interviewed candidates and trained new hires as they came aboard.
Aug 2005Jan 2007

DPS Developer

Xerox Litigation Services
  • Developed components for a distributed document processing system (DPS) to handle preprocessing, loading and production of documents to/from Omnix using Perl and Oracle.
  • Created tools to automate common tasks in the document operations group.
  • Debugged and fixed performance problems in a mission critical system that processed several terabytes of client data per month.
Jul 2004Aug 2005

Web Developer

Xerox Litigation Services
  • Designed and developed features for a web-based document review platform (Omnix) using PHP and Oracle, including
    • A new search interface for complex textual and metadata searches
    • A redesigned document viewer
    • A client for offline document access
  • Worked to troubleshoot customer issues.
  • Collaborated with client managers to develop best practices for large document reviews.



Jul 2014Jul 2019

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv8)

EC Council