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Work experience

Scimitar Global Systems Corporation

Feb 2015Present


Scimitar Global Systems Corporation is creating and exporting next-gen technology related products.

  •  Designed and built a high performance platform that allows an international satellite operator to adapt both new and existing processing assets to reach markets in Japan and Africa

Sable Truck Systems



Recruited to co-develop business strategies and product designs to provide the marketplace with a more competitive alternative.

  • Worked with the CEO and development team to build a new kind of industrial Hours of Service application

TG Embedded Systems



Promoted from senior technology role to provide vision and strategy for establishing a single company focus.

  • Increased profitability 80%
  • Grew revenue 20%
  • Reduced nearly 18% in development man hour requirements

TG Embedded Systems


VP of Technology

Hired as programmer in 2000 and promoted in 2002 to Vice President to guide the development of nearly all ground systems on the iPSTAR satellite communications system.

  • Built a software platform that became one of company’s greatest commercial successes, currently with 5,000,000 installs serving more than 20,000,000 customers
  • Designed and developed comprehensive simulator system, enabling a significant reduction in satellite manufacturing costs
  • Took over customer contract from competitor, generating $9M in profitable revenue
  • Spearheaded development and deployment of a continual diagnostic monitoring system that increased return link efficiency by 12%, increasing project value by 48M



Software Engineer

Worked on site at NASA Glenn Research Center responsible for ground subsystems on the CM2 experiment package for STS107, Columbia. Designed and built experiment data search and retrieval system.

  • Enabled discovery of key component failure in sensors, preserving the legitimacy of in orbit experiments
  • Built isolation system allowing use of development systems while adhering to strict Boeing requirements