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Damaris Esparza

Personal Background

Birth date : March 20, 1998

Age : 17 years old

Gender : Female

Nationality : Hispanic

Language : English, Part-Spanish 

Religion : Christianity 


Santa Fe South High School - Oklahoma City, OK

 GPA: 3.7 

Graduation Date : May 30, 2016 


       Self - motivated to work quickly 
  • Positive, Up-lifting, and direct
  • Adapt to networks 
  • Able to connect with a team or organization efficiently 
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Word and Excel 

Activities & Volunteer Work 

Campaign for Cyndi Munson - House of Representatives 

Fellowship leader at Women's Church Retreat,Purcell
  • Disinfecting pools at the facility Country Leisure
  • Neighborhood Childcare 
  • An organizer at a local Spanish-Speaking Conference
  • Santa Fe South - Decorator for a temporary event 


Sep 20142015

Most Improved Player - Varsity Volleyball

Most improved for Girl's Volleyball Team because of hard-work and dedication

Oct 20142015

Letterman & Bar for Volleyball 

Received my letterman for academic sport 


  • Complete College at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in Psychology and receiving my Bachelor & Master's degree. 
  • Minor in 2 : Health&Physical Therapy and English
  • Attend Medicine school and major in becoming a Pediatric Oncologist