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Jun 2014Aug 2014

Construction Worker

Popham Construction

I had to get up at 4am every morning. So I am good at getting up early and making it on time. I did many difficult tasks like making frames and pouring concrete.

Jun 2012Jun 2014

Maintenance Worker

Buffalo Ridge Resort
  • I did many tasks such as:

  • Keeping things organized
  • Setting up chairs
  • Mowing lawns
  • I get along with people


Aug 2013May 2017

High School Diploma (Anticipated 5/2017)

Castlewood High School

GPA 2.94

Major Courses: Physical Science, Biology, Psychology, English Comp. I and II, Algebra I, and Geometry.


Good with People
When I worked at Buffalo Ridge I also helped in the restaurant so I worked with a lot of people. I go to school with many people and I get along with them. So I would say I'm good working with people and students.
I have taken many shop classes such as wood working and tech. I also have helped my father and step father at both of their farms since I was little. I have learned over time how to fix things and do work right. I can build cabinets, put new door knobs in, fix holes in the wall, and much more.
I have been playing sports since I was in 3rd grade. I play football, cross country, basketball, track, golf, and baseball. I am a great leader and take charge when it is needed. I make sure everyone is doing their job right and we have fun with it.


Kyle                     Kooima             Science Teacher

310 East Harry Street, Castlewood, SD 57223 Telophone: 1(605)-884-6303 Email Address: [email protected]

Barry               Jacobsen     Basketball Coach

310 East Harry Street, Castlewood, SD 57223 Telophone: 1(605)-881-5027 Email Address: [email protected]

Nancy                McCuen                      Art Teacher

310 East Harry Street, Castlewood, SD 57223 Telophone: 1 (605) 258-2458 Email Address: [email protected]