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Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Department Specialist (Grocery)


-Built strong relationship with customers

-Gained experience in dealing with difficult people

-Interacted within a team setting

-Displayed myself as approachable

-Duties included: Bagging groceries, getting carts, dealing with customers,

 night clean up duties, following managers instructions.

Jun 2011Aug 2011

Lawn Care Worker

Lonsbury Applications

-Accomplished goals individually and also as a team

-Followed directions that were given to me and did the job properly

-Maintained good relationship with all customers

-Cut grass and blew remaining grass off of the sidewalks/streets

-Drove company truck responsibly around town with equipment in the back

-Showed up on time and worked until the job was over (often worked overtime)

Jun 2010Aug 2010

Recreational Therapy Assistant

Crowsnest Pass Hospital

-Gained experience dealing with elderly people

-Worked with a team and individually on a set schedule

-Built a great relationship with every resident

-Worked closely with people who have Alzheimer, and Dementia

-Exercised with elders

-Read to the residents

-Had one-on-one interviews with each resident more than once


Sep 2011Present

Policing Diploma

Lethbridge College

The intensive, two-year diploma will give me the skills and knowledge you need to make an impact in this vital field. I will learn from qualified instructors with real policing experience, covering topics ranging from criminal and procedural law to interpersonal skills and criminology. I will also gain valuable training learning about interviewing, courtroom procedures, conflict management, and investigative techniques.

Sep 2008Jun 2011

High School Diploma

Livingstone High School


Physically Fit
Like to stay active and in shape by: -Playing hockey -Working out -Running -Hiking
Following Directions
-Have to follow the directions my boss gives me at my job and all of my past jobs -Have to follow directions that my teachers give to me at school -Learning a new song on guitar is all about following directions  
Multitasking Skills
I have gained multitasking skills because of the following: -Going to college and dealing with all of those assignements -Having a part time job in the Crowsnest Pass -Having to balance my friends, relationship, and family all in one weekend -Teaching myself guitar Doing all of those things on a regular basis can be very challenging and stressful, but I learning to multitask has mad it easier and less stressful.
Interpersonal Skills
-Dealt with difficult people in my last jobs and have been able to resolve problems on my own -Dealt with great people in my last jobs and built great relationships -Grew up with an aunty who has a disability, so I know how to deal with people who have a disability -Have been around many Japanese people and have a great understanding on how to talk and be patient with them -Hockey has helped me become great at talking with people and dealing with all kinds of situations -Great deal of knowledge when it comes to dealing with elders
Leadership Skills
-Been named captain of two hockey teams I have played on, one of which was a higher caliber "AA" team -Also been named assistant captain of two hockey teams that I have played on -Been asked to train new employees at my job working at Blairmore Sobeys





-Spending time with family and friends

-Playing guitar

-Playing hockey


-Staying fit


My friends, family, teammates, and past bosses will gladly tell you all the information you need to know about my great interpersonal skills, good attitude, good work ethic, and great time management skills. I have had to balance my part-time job with my full-time student status while maintaining a good relationship with my girlfriend and family. On top of all that, I managed to teach myself guitar through hard work, patience, and dedication.