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Work experience



Redrock Camps
Edmonton, AB 2nd Cook/Baker y Prepared and cooked foods ofalltypes, ona regular basis and for specialguests and functions. y Executed dailyoperations. y Demonstrated newcooking techniques and equipmentto staff. y Wrote, designed and produced dailymenus. y Checked the quantityand qualityofreceived products. y Was instrumentalindailyoperations ofcamp. y Checked the qualityofrawand cooked food products to ensure that standards were met. y Trained and managed 16 menand achieved significant improvements intheir productivity. y Supervised and coordinated activities ofcooks and workers engaged infood preparation. y Trained and apprenticed staff. y Determined productionschedules and staffrequirements necessary to ensure timelydeliveryofservices. y Supervised and managed. y Collaborated withother personnelto planand develop recipes and menus, taking into accountsuchfactors as seasonalavailabilityof ingredients and the likelynumber ofcustomers. y Supervised employees, scheduled work hours, resolved conflicts, determined salaries. y Inspected supplies, equipment, and work areas to ensure conformance to established standards. y Estimated amounts and costs ofrequired supplies, suchas food and ingredients. y Successfullyhandled food ina safe and productive manner. y Instructed cooks and other workers inthe preparation, cooking, garnishing, and presentationoffood. y Structured and maintained a positive work environment. y Planned, directed, and supervised the food preparationand cooking activities ofmultiple kitchens and restaurants, camp, retirement homes establishmentsuchas a restaurantchain, and hotel. y Coordinated planning, budgeting, and purchasing for allthe food operations withinestablishments suchas clubs, hotels, and restaurantchains Page 2 y Recorded productionand operationaldata onspecified forms. y Served as for, including. y Metwithsales representatives inorder to negotiate prices and ordered supplies. y Restructured and improved menus, work environments and overall production. y Metwithcustomers to discuss menus for specialoccasions suchas weddings, parties, and banquets. y Responsible for production, customer satisfactionand profits. y Arranged for equipmentpurchased and repaired. y Responded to writtenand telephone requests for maintenance, contractors and shipping and receiving. y Analyzed recipes to assignprices to menuitems, based onfood, labor, and overhead cost. y Recruited and hired staff, including cooks and other kitchenworkers. y Ordered and requisitioned food and other

Supervisor/first Cook

Brewster Maliigne Lake Resort
Jasper, AB Supervisor/First cook

Sous Chef/supervisor

BestWesternWayside Inn
Wetaskiwin, AB Sous Chef/Supervisor

Sous Chef

Huckleberry's Cafe
Wetaskiwin, AB Sous Chef offand on FarmontHotsprings Farmont, BC Line Cook

First Cook/executive Chef

Aramark Huckleberry's Cafe
First Cook/Executive Chef during seasons

Line Cook/prep Cook

Peters Pizza
Wetaskiwin, AB Line Cook/Prep Cook Page 3

Short Order Cook/dishwasher

Mega Chinese Restaurant
Wetaskiwin, AB Short order cook/Dishwasher EvergreenRetirementhome Edson, AB

Chef Assistant

Mega Chinese Restaurant
Chef Assistant



High School Graduate

WetaskiwinCompasite HighSchool

Appreciated Chef

Nate NorthernAB Institute

3rd year Appreciated Chef

Human Resource DepartmentDear Human Resource Department:In response to your recent advertisement, please accept this letter in application for the position of any  position available within your company... As you can see from my enclosed resume, my experience and certificates, as well as my safe work practices and code of professionalism I am a strong candidate for your company. I have twelve to fifteen years professional experience I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my credentials with you at a mutually convenient time. Thank you for your consideration. As you can see my experience would be an asset to your company. I look forward to building a long term position and rewarding career with your company.Respectfully yours,Dale Francis George Rumball Enclosure: Resume


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