"Very adaptable, bold in action.."​
"Good solutions’s finder.."​
"Team player, strict when needed.."


Jan 2010 - Jan 2015

Bachelor's Degree

University of Ha'il

Software Engineering,  GPA: 3.594 from 4.00.

Personality Profile



Technical skills..

Technical: Server Management, Database Design, Project Management, Requirement Analysis and System Design.
Languages: Java and HTML.
Operating Systems: Windows, OX S and Linux.

Personal skills...

  • Problem solving skills.

  • Team Leadership.

  • Capability and fast in learning.

  • Speaking in public.

  • Information Gathering.

  • Communication.

Computer skills...

  • Social Media.
  • Word, Power Point, Access, Excel.

  • Very good and fast pc keyboard typing skills.

  • Classification and arrange files and tables.
  • Translation clips, films and serials.

References Upon Request..